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Best Vlogging Cameras

best-vlogging-cameraVlogging has become the single most viewed topic on YouTube with thousands of individuals documenting their lives through their camera. As viewers have had the tendency to go to YouTube more for a connection than for entertainment, vlogging has and will continue to grow, in popularity. With so much competition in the vlogging industry, it has become increasingly essential to ensure the quality of video meets the standard viewers have come to expect on YouTube. So if you’re interested in vlogging, the best place to start is with the best vlogging camera on the market.

In this article, I detail the best camera for vlogging for creators in all price ranges. I will do a brief breakdown of what camera would be recommended for what kind of vlogger and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I’ve organized the camera prices from highest to lowest for simplicity. I also created three sections listed below.

Best Vlogging Camera

ImageCamera ModelVideo ResolutionRatingPriceMore Information
Canon EOS 70D1080p Full HD4.8 / 5$$$See Price
Canon G7X1080p Full HD4.7 / 5$$See Price
Canon PowerShot SX710 HS1080p Full HD3.9 / 5$See Price
Canon Rebel T5i1080p Full HD4.4 / 5$$See Price
GoPro Hero5 Black4K Ultra HD4.5 / 5$$See Price
Canon S1201080p Full HD4 / 5$See Price

Best Cameras for Vlogging

Canon EOS 70D

Canon 70D ImageCanon EOS 70D is an absolutely stunning camera. It produces a very high-quality footage in almost all settings and is extremely versatile making it a perfect vlogging camera. Its main upsides are its video quality which is easily the best on this list within this price range. It also has a great auto focus feature which is a necessity in vlogging. Lastly, the Canon 70Ds ability to film in all settings, while maintaining correct colour balances, makes it the complete vlogging camera. The downside is the size of the camera along with the questionable default audio. Also to get the best functionality, it would likely need to be paired with a Gorillapod Focus Camera Tripod and a Rode Video Mic Pro. This would make for the exact set up used by YouTuber of the Year in 2015 and the fastest growing vlog channel Casey Neistat and countless other YouTubers like Zoella and McJuggerNuggets. We would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to get the best equipment on the market to produce the best videos possible. You will not find better quality out there.Link To Amazon Link To Product Review

Canon PowerShot G7 XCanon Powershot G7 X Image

The Canon PowerShot G7 X has simply become a must-have vlogging camera for YouTube. Although this camera doesn’t produce quite the same film quality of some Canon DSLRs on this list such as the Canon EOS 70D, its simple and portable design combined with very strong film quality makes it almost too convenient to pass up. It is about the size of a typical wallet meaning it can easily go in your pocket at all times and you can pull it out in a moment’s notice to capture a shot. It is extremely versatile, convenient and can film well in low light. It has easily the best autofocus on this list and tends to perform as the best vlogging camera for those who can’t carry around a larger camera everywhere they go. I would recommend this camera to all vloggers who require an easy, convenient camera that can be used in all settings.

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Good Camera for Vlogging

Canon Rebel T5i

Canon T5i ImageThe Canon Rebel T5i in our opinion is the best starter camera for YouTube. We’ve included its detail for its overall video-capturing ability in our Best Camera for YouTube article but here we’ll focus on its vlogging abilities.  Simply put, the Canon Rebel T5i is a similar but lower quality version of the Canon EOS 70D at a much lower price and it will get the job done. The Canon Rebel T5i produces solid image quality that matches the likes of Canon G7 X. It also performs great as a stationary camera and is loved by beauty gurus and gamers alike. Its downside is its autofocus is not as strong as we would like in a vlogging camera so you’ll need to focus more on making sure that the shots are in focus. Toget the best functionality most creators opt for the Canon Rebel T5i Starter pack. We would recommend this camera for someone who wants high-quality vlogs but doesn’t want to break the bank.Link To Amazon Link To Product Review

GoPro Hero5 BlackGoPro Hero5 Black Image

The brand new GoPro Hero5 Black was made for action and travel vlogging. This camera will allow you to get the shots other cameras simply cannot. This camera can go anywhere and with GoPro’s many accessories, you can attach it to nearly anything. It is also extremely small meaning you can always have it in your pocket and get a shot at a moment’s notice. Its downside is the default audio on the camera is manageable but not ideal and also due to its small size a lot of times footage can come out rather shaky. We would recommend this camera to anyone who intends on traveling or any thrill seeker. It is perfect for capturing shots other cameras cannot while performing well enough to make it a viable daily vlogging camera.

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Canon S120

Canon S120 ImageWe will keep this description brief: the Canon S120 is an ideal midrange camera for vlogging. It has very similar functionality to the Canon G7 X but just simply does not record the same quality footage. The Canon S120 does not offer a flip screen option which can be tough for selfie filming. If you’re interested in the Canon G7 X quality and convenience but are turned off by the price tag, we would recommend you Canon S120 for you. Link To Amazon Link To Product Review

Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

Canon PowerShot SX710 HS

Canon Powershot SX710 HS ImageLooking for the best cheap vlogging camera on the market? We believe that the Canon PowerShot SX710HS is that camera. Now this camera’s quality of image does not compare to the cameras listed above. However, it does perform admirably for its price. It has decent video quality, is very convenient and has an outstanding autofocus feature. We would recommend this camera for the creator on a tight budget.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Vlogging Camera for You?

Recent years have witnessed the emergence of a new group of celebrities called YouTubers. These internet celebrities have garnered fame by documenting their lives, commonly known as vlogging. As more and more people jump on the bandwagon of content creation, we look into what makes a camera the best camera for vlogging so as to help all the novices out there. Choosing the best vlogging camera is the first step to filming a vlog. Your definition of a good vlogging camera depends on various factors including your vlogging genre, your budget and the desired features of the camera.

What Kind of Vlogger Are You?

There are various kinds of vloggers. This includes travel vloggers, daily or home vloggers, and beauty vloggers.

Travel vloggers are known to document their adventures as they travel across different countries. Those who watch travel vloggers Devin Graham and Mike Corey will be aware that such vloggers film videos as they hike on mountains or swim in deep oceans. They wander around in majestic forests and film serene sunsets. If you are such a vlogger, you need something light and mobile. Owning a Sony GoPro will prove to be of immense help.

On the other hand, home or daily vloggers mainly film their everyday life. Popular channels include SHAYTARDS, SACCONEJOLYs, MoreZoella, and PointlessBlogVlogs. Such vloggers carry their cameras around wherever they go and since they are filming themselves, they mostly use the selfie cameras on their phones or cameras with a flip screen. If you are interested in home vlogging, you should go for a Canon vlogging camera or a Sony vlog camera since they are known to be durable and come with flip screens. The best vlog camera for you will be the one that doesn’t weigh a lot and can withstand wear and tear.

Beauty vloggers usually film videos with a single backdrop. Their videos range from makeup tutorials to reviewing different products. Famous beauty gurus include Tanya Burr, Bethany Mota, and Michelle Phan. One thing common in all of them is the high quality of their videos. Beauty vloggers tend to opt for cameras with high resolutions so that the end result of their tutorials and the products they are reviewing can be rightfully translated onto the screens of their viewers. If you are interested in being a beauty guru, the weight of the camera doesn’t matter as long as the quality is satisfactory.

What Is the Budget for Your Camera?

When deciding which camera is the best vlogging camera for you in 2017, you need to assign a value for the amount you are willing to spend on buying a camera.

If you are new to the world of vlogging, it would be a good idea to start with a cheap camera. Starting cheap ensures that you do not have to lose too much in case you realize you are not cut out for a life of vlogging. If you plan on sticking to this career path, you might need to upgrade your camera in the future. A cheaper camera will be accompanied with lower quality. Since quality is not the sole factor contributing to a good vlog, you should evaluate how much you are willing to compromise on it.

Purchasing an expensive camera is not a necessity. At the end of the day, it is about documenting your life and getting your content across. However, if you feel that you need quality to attract the masses, your definition of a good vlogging camera may be the camera which offers the best quality.

It is important to understand that not all expensive cameras have superior quality. Searching for reviews about different cameras will give you an idea of possible choices. Specifically googling about cheap vlogging cameras of 2016 will help you gain insight into their performances. When deciding on your budget, you should focus on the costs and benefits of the vlog camera you wish to buy.

What Are the Important Factors When Deciding Which Vlogging Camera Is the Best?

Deciding on a good vlog camera isn’t just about considering your budget and vlogging genre. It also requires you to assess the possible choices of cameras by size, weight, quality, audio, and image stability.

Your selection of the best camera for vlogging will be significantly different than others. This is because your budget and desired genre limit each factor. The ideal size and weight of the camera will differ from the type of vlogger you are or aspire to be. If you are a travel or home vlogger, owning a small and lightweight camera will be a smart decision. This is because travel and home vlogging requires constant mobility. The camera is carried the entire time you are vlogging, which may prove to be tiresome. In such cases, carrying a bigger and heavier camera will be a hassle which you should avoid. However, if you are beauty vlogger, you wouldn’t mind having a bigger or heavier camera since most of your videos are filmed in a sedentary position with the camera propped up on a tripod.

The audio of the vlog camera should be of high quality since sound and visuals along with content form an integral part of a video. A camera with a satisfactory built-in audio system or the ability to attach an external mic will be a good pick. Furthermore, you should ensure that your video is not shaky by opting for a vlogging camera which promises high image stabilization.

All in all, choosing the best camera for vlogs is a dynamic decision which has multiple facets. You should focus on all of the dimensions and pick a camera which brings you the highest possible value. However, don’t get lost in the technicalities. At the end of the day, it is about documenting your life, having fun, and creating memories. Film what you love, and your audience will love it too.


The cameras listed here are hands-down the best cameras for vlogging on YouTube. We are not recommending purchasing any extremely cheap camera due to advances in camera technology; a typical smartphone like an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 tend to outperform them.  If you’re interested in learning more about some of the best cameras for YouTube regardless of niche, click here.

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