Canon EOS-1DX Mark II Camera Review

Canon EOS-1DX Mark II Camera Review

With the Olympics happening and football season on the way, sports fanatics are going to want a camera that can capture all the action in the best quality available. For the best action shots and video clips, the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II is the best available.

Canon has been providing top of the line cameras for decades and the EOS-1D is one of its best. The original EOS-1D was the top choice as sporting events when it came out in time for the 2012 Olympics, and the Mark II will undoubtedly be the popular choice this time around with its many great features for both those who take still photos and those that take video.

The EOS-1D Mark II is great for outdoor use, as it is built solidly and offers terrific weather sealing, allowing you to safely brave the elements with it.

For those of you who like to take still photographs, the Mark II offers dual pixel, 61-point autofocus, a 20.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, and can take full-resolution photos at a whopping 14fps RAW or JPEG, or 16fps when using Live View. The autofocus is also good down to -3EV so it can autofocus in very dark conditions.

As promising as these features sound, the real treat comes in the video features for the Mark II. The selling point is that it can shoot 50/60fps in 4k, which no other DSLR cameras currently on the market can do and is great for not only filming action, sports, or other moving things in high resolution, but pretty much for filming anything. It can also shoot in full HD 100/120p for some truly awesome video resolution. The camera also comes with CF and CFast card slots. While a good and fast CF card can let you shoot at 4K and 25p without any problem, you will need a truly fast and reliable CFast card to take advantage of the 4K and 50/60p feature when you consider the high data rates of 800Mbps for 60p and 500Mbps for lower frame rates. You can also get a still frame grab at 8.8mp

If you want 1080p video, you can get it too at 120fps for slow-motion shots, but only in .mov format. You can also get full HD in slower frame rates, if you like, from 60fps to 23.98fps.

The Dual Pixel CMOS sensor not only allows for great still shots but also allows for great Movie AF Servo results when you take videos. The Dual DIGIC 6+ processors the camera comes with and its new heat-transfer technology that it features lets the camera easily handle the processing load that usually comes from filming at such high rates.

If you’re looking for a great DSLR camera for not only taking awesome still photos but for taking high-resolution videos, and particularly 4K videos, the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II is one of the best cameras you can ask for.

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