Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit Review

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit Review

The Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit is the new International Version of the original Canon EOS 80D camera that was originally published in 2013. In this Canon EOS 80D review of the International Version, we will inform you what exactly you will get in this package and is worth the money. First of all, don’t be scared from the term International Version. It will still come in English and there are not many differences between this version and the original version. The only difference is that you will save $200-250, but you will receive no warranty for the camera. Don’t panic, there are online solutions, even offered by Amazon, that can get you warranty for the camera for up to 4 years for just $90, so you will still save money.

What’s in the Box

Canon EOS 80D with the Style: w/ 18-135mm is in the box together with 1 battery, special Canon EOS 80D Strap and the battery charger. Now, the w/ 18-135mm style is making it different from the similar versions. We will list all features and the difference bellow.

Canon EOS 80D Specs

This version of the Digital SLR Canon camera comes with a 45-point AF System. That makes it excellent for shots in dim light and in low light conditions. This is because of the EF lenses and the EV-3 low luminance performance that is featured in this style. All this enables stunning 9 predefined AF zones that users can make use of.

The ISO is 100-1600 and can be expanded up to ISO25. The camera will enable its users stunning Full HD video recording with up to 60p in mp4 format.

Other than this the other specs are standard for the Canon EOS 80D model. The camera has 24.2MP optical sensor resolution with CMOS technology. It weighs somewhere around 4.2 pounds and it has medium size with 9.5 x 7.4 x 5.2 inches making it relatively easy to hold.

Additionally, everything is viewable through the excellent 3 inch Vari-angle LCD II Touch screen. The screen features 1040K dots and it is one of the best screens featured on a Canon DSLR camera.

Handling and Software

With simple words, the handling of the Canon EOS 80D is intuitive and relatively simple. This will especially be easy to users that already have owned a version of this camera. The weight, solid body that is prepared for all weather conditions and the built material are making it easy to hold and navigate. The touchscreen is also solid and there are some quick functions that will help you in situations when you need to shoot something fast. One of the cleverest handling options on the Canon EOS 80D is the Q button, which enables you to access the most used options with a single tap.

The menus on this version are almost the same as the older versions. The “Q” button again will be of great help and it will enable you to easily change settings. If you have ever used a Canon camera, you will not have any problems! The menu offers a great set of options and it is easy to navigate. Nothing too complicated for the average users.


The Canon EOS 80D has a solid battery and battery life, but definitely, it is not the best in the class. The test showed that this battery can take 960 shots, but those tests are done by Canon. Realistically the battery should be able to take up to 930-940 shots which again is quite solid!

Final Thoughts

This version of the Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera is more than solid. The options it can offer to its customers are making it a better solution than the original version. It’s slightly cheaper, and in many cases much better. This camera should be paired with a good microphone but overall it is one of the best cameras for YouTube.

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