Canon EOS Rebel T6 Review

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Review

This is a Canon EOS Rebel T6 review, which is one of their latest models and was released in March with many distinctive features and properties which makes it different from the previous ones.

It is time to finally do a Canon EOS Rebel T6 review as it has been one of the anticipated products in the world of not just photography but filming as well. It features 18.0 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) image sensor as well as a high quality image processor, which is incorporated to give you the best results possible. It is a digital camera which allows you to share your pictures through Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Canon Rebel T6 has a 3″ fully articulating touch screen LCD which offers easy access to users. There is also a quick control dial on the rear which adds to its multiple features that set this new Canon camera apart.

Canon Rebel T6 allows you to film your videos at resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and also save the videos in different formats. You can save the video as MPEG-4 or H.264. Mono Microphone and Mono Speaker allows you to record sound without having to use a separate speaker or microphone which makes the process of content making especially easier. 5 fps continuous shooting will let you film for a longer period as well, so it is safe to assume that Rebel EOS T6 is more suitable for filming videos than for photography. Filmmakers can make videos on this HDR quality camera and will definitely enjoy its quality as well. It allows you to film videos in light and dark and that make it ultra-good for people who like to play around with ideas. It also offers you manual exposure control which also offers better filming experience along with the digital zoom. Your Rebel T6 will automatically adjust focus as well, which is also a feature that counts a lot when you are filming and if you are moving around, you will definitely appreciate it. In short, Canon Rebel T6 might not be worth the hype for the rest, but it will make things better for those who film.


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