Canon PowerShot G3 X Review

Canon PowerShot G3 X Review: Getting Some Features like No Others

Canon PowerShot G3 X Review is Giving More Zooming Experience in Capturing Images and Recording Videos Using Compact Camera with DSLR Features

Today, we are going to have a Canon PowerShot G3 X Review as the most awaited digital camera. As a complement to the premium-class compact camera, Canon produces a new Canon PowerShot G3X camera with advanced features that you cannot find them on some other cameras. One of the latest features embedded is the zoom function that equals with 600mm lens DSLR equipped with auto assists frame. Another feature is Dynamic IS for video features and the availability of bulb exposure where these three features cannot be found in some other types of compact camera.

The zoom feature in this Canon PowerShot G3 X Review is able to do the optical approach up to a 25x which equals with 24-600mm lens. Thus, any objects at a far distance can be recorded without having to worry about the broken images result. The fact is that the zooming technology equipped is also quite diverse, ranging from auto assists frame which in a state of zooming, the frame can automatically identify objects and then to be processed and the frame will change in accordance with the proportional size of the objects in the frame.

Canon PowerShot G3 X Review also has a good Dynamic Image Stabilization which again will be able to reduce a vibration that occurs when maximum zoom optically either video or photographs, up to the micro technology of ultrasonic motors (USM) II which also has been embedded in this camera. There is also the EF lens technology which is made in such a way to be able to merge 1-inch CMOS sensor with the lenses and cameras to improve image quality and maximize its performance.

By adopting EF lenses, the PowerShot G3X is designed to be able to produce higher quality picture despite the shutter speed is slow. Also, for the USM technology which is used to help the camera capture moving images quickly and record video without any sound interference. As a result, the shooting will be maximally obtained in the term of quality because it also comes with a size of 1-inch type CMOS sensor.

Another great feature is seen on the side of the user interface. A compact camera generally has the same navigation with a flat LCD on the back and it cannot be changed. Besides, the navigation controls are centralized on the back of the camera until finally, we could not carry out exploration features due to the limitations. Now, you will no longer find it on a Canon Powershot G3X because this camera has a better user interface and a chance to do more with the moveable LCD screen.

With these features showed on the Canon PowerShot G3 X Review, the Canon Company seems to be more careful in seeing the photographers’ needs. It means that the limitation of photographers especially for those who are using the type of compact camera today is no longer becoming an obstacle because Canon has been completing its camera with some DSLR features into the compact camera. Moreover, Powershot G3X belongs to a future digital camera which is also equipped with WiFi and NFC. This is a great option for a vlogging camera, I would suggest checking out some of other vlogging camera reviews if you are interested in them. Of course, it will make the users feel more convenient while using the camera. However, we also never know about the fate of the DSLR camera if this camera is selling well in the market. Will they convert their cameras into this compact camera?

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