Canon PowerShot SX410-IS Review

The Amazing Features of the Canon PowerShot SX410-IS


If you are planning to get high-quality videos and photos for your memorable moments then here is the right camera for you to use. Canon PowerShot SX410 IS is that powerful camera that will live in every moment that you will capture for future reference.

Features of Canon PowerShot SX410 IS


This camera comes fully armed with a 20MP sensor that makes it possible to record videos at a high definition of 1280×720p. It has an LCD screen of 3.0″ which is best suitable for image viewing and proper balancing of all video aspects. All the videos captured can easily and safely be stored in H.264 formats. You can be sure to do 40 minutes footage saved on a 4GB card maintaining a standard recording quality.

The inbuilt mono microphone is enough and effective to capture the sounds that you need for the video, it is strategically positioned in front just near the pop-up flash head to avoid being blocked when in use. During recording, you can use both the optical and digital zooms. This camera has the capacity to use Digic 4+s scene detector to identify up to 21 different scenes and then do the necessary exposure adjustment.

When your camera is not mounted on a tripod, you don’t need to worry, Intelligent IS image stabilization can be of great use.

Connectivity and storage

You can use USB 2.0 port to have your camera connected to other devices and transfer your photos and videos with a lot of easy.

Battery life

Canon SX410 IS has a battery capacity of NB-11LH, this battery doesn’t have a long shooting life but one can always buy an extra one or two batteries.

Photography Features

This camera can take continuous shots at a maximum speed rate of 0.5fps also with a shutter speed of 1/4000 sec at the highest end.

Pros and Cons of Canon PowerShot SX410 IS

Short battery life

When you compare this camera with other cameras then you will realize that it is disadvantaged on power. You can’t do many hours of video coverage with a single battery hence forcing you to have an extra one.

External flash port

Lack of external flash port will definitely restrict you to using the available built-in flash. This will make difficult for you to quickly have your files stored in an external device.

Video zooming

It has an advantage over other cameras when it comes to zooming, you can use optical and digital zooming options without deactivating the other.

Product rating

Due to its high-performance rate this product has been rated 3.9 out of 5.


This camera has a lot of advantages that makes it fit in the current photography world. Its high-quality videos and photos secure it a position in the current market. The disadvantages can always be can care of by getting cheap and effective remedies which are well discussed in this article. Canon PowerShot SX410 IS is an ideal camera for your video and photo capturing.

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