Canon XF100 Review

Canon XF100 Overview

The Canon XF100 come with a 10x HD video lens and has the ability to capture remarkable images and videos. It comes with a 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor, allowing it to capture a wide dynamic range of videos and images and allowing the camera to work astoundingly well in the dark. With its enhanced zoom capacity, the camera can also record objects from a distance. In addition, the camera comes with slow-motion options in both 720p and 1080p modes.

According to the Canon XF100 review, the camera can record at multiple bit rates, multiple resolutions, and variable frame rates. Due to these features, the camcorder has the ability to perform in any environment and expands the user’s creative flexibility.

Canon XF100 YouTube Performance Review

The Canon XF100 has the ability to record high-definition videos onto 2 compact flash cards. It also comes with infrared technology, which allows the users to capture brilliant videos in places that have little or no ambient light. It is here that most camcorders are rendered useless, but not the XF100. How feature this works is that when the camera is about to capture an infrared image, the infrared cutoff filter is removed from the optical path. It also comes with stereoscopic 3D production abilities, another feature that helps recording amazing videos and has made the camera more desirable.

Not only can the Canon XF100 record HD videos, but the videos are also enhanced with the camera’s ability to capture crisp and clear sounds. It has a stereo microphone incorporated along with two XLR audio inputs. It also consists of a 3.5mm microphone input terminal and +48V phantom power, which provides connectivity to external microphones to enhance the camera’s ability to capture sound. The external outputs and the built-in microphone can be used simultaneously. The camera also has the ability to capture videos in slow motion and fast motion, giving it an edge over its competitors. Some of its added video recording features are interval recording and frame recording.

8.9 Total Score
Overall Sony Canon XF100 Review

  • Comes with an optical zoom lens
  • Can record HD video to 2 compact flash cards
  • Comes with a 10x HD video lens
  • Has a wireless controller with it
  • Provide great low-light recordings and images
  • Comes with an intelligent battery system
  • Consists of various types of outputs
  • The files are very hard to format
  • Does not consist of customizable picture profiles
  • The battery life is not up to expectations
  • Does not come with a touchscreen
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The Canon XF100 review comes to an end here with the final verdict of rating the camcorder and giving it 4.2 out of 5 stars. It is a camera that is equipped with many features and comes with a compact size and light weight. It is preferred by many professionals as it can be customized as per the need of the user. The camera gives high-quality images and great videos, which give the user an advantage of efficient workflow.

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