GoPro HERO4 Silver Review

GoPro HERO4 Silver Overview

In this GoPro HERO4 Sliver review, you will find that the camera comes with a 12MP sensor that captures pictures at up to 30 frames per second. It is one of the best GoPro cameras around the world. The camera has the ability to play back and frame shots easily due to its touchscreen. Being able to capture 12MP burst photos, the camera has the ability to capture every second of the event that the user has set their eyes on.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in features, the camera can easily be connected to any smartphone for quick sharing. It also offers settings to capture images after dark. The result of these settings is extraordinary. The HiLight Tag feature allows the user to mark any important moment that has been captured using this camera.

GoPro HERO4 Silver YouTube Performance Review

GoPro HERO4 Silver ImageThough the camera has the ability to capture good images in the dark of night, there are times that it will experience starburst-like lens flare around lights. As the camera comes with an enhanced sensor, it allows one to capture stunning videos, which are far superior compared to that of other cameras. It can capture sharp 1080p60 videos, and the high frame rate and high resolution deliver amazing videos. You can even watch a smooth playback of the videos on the camera.

The videos that are taken from this camera are cinema quality and come with an ultra-high resolution. The camera is also used by many well-known vloggers due to its durability and the result that it gives. They recommend this camera as one of the best GoPro vlogging cameras. The camera’s video-making ability boasts of sharp contrast and shading, and the results of the videos captured are almost as good as the ones by professional cameras.

9 Total Score
Overall GoPro HERO4 Silver Review

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can create good videos for vlogging purposes
  • One of the best action cameras
  • Comes with a touchscreen option
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Comes with two different types of adhesive mounts
  • Has a 3-way pivot arm
  • Gives sharp images
  • Battery life will fall short
  • No image stabilization available
  • Needs a housing to be waterproof
  • Comes only with a USB cable
  • Audio can be muffled
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Concluding the GoPro HERO4 Silver review, though the camera is almost the same as its previous model and gives extremely high-quality images as the previous model, the new camera has some added features like the touchscreen that allows easy usage. All of these aspects combined, it makes it one of the best GoPro cameras in the market.

Though the camera is capable of taking still images and videos, there are times that the output comes out a bit hazy. Even though that may be somewhat of a disadvantage, the camera is still amongst the best and is preferred by professionals around the world.

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