Nikon D500 Review

The monster returns: Nikon D500 review

Meet the all new Nikon D500 loaded with a 20.9MP of the camera along with the DX format which enables this flagship to shoot 4K UHD at 30/3840 x 2160 25/24p. The best thing in the Nikon D500 review is its worthy ability to shoot 10 Frames per Second and providing 153 AF point, without any type of lag in the preview.

Body and Features:

It also comes up with the 3.2 inches of the monitor with TFT touch-sensitive LCD which allow 170° of viewing angle. The LCD screen is provided with the resolution of 2.395 million dots and some hinges which allow the user to adjust the LCD monitor screen and take shots from more flexible angles.

With 760 grams of lightweight and compact body, it also has a perfect grip as the main parts are made up of rough rubbery type solid material that really makes a grip on it. The fully charged battery allow you to take almost 1240 shots flawlessly, which is a good deal as well.


Wi-Fi has been the main feature on many recent Nikon cameras. The connectivity of this device is handled with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Nikon has chosen the SD and XQD card formats for the storage. This allows the user to achieve the maximum quality and performance this camera can offer. The D500 is equipped with the standard input ports with the addition of the PEC port perfect for studio and flash photographers. With Nikon’s new SnapBridge feature, the D500 can be constantly connected to a smart device for the instant sharing of data.

ISO sensitivity setting:

Starting from ISO 100 to 51,200 in standard sensitivity range, it also allows you to get extended up to Hi-5 option, allowing the user to work in a low light situation from night time photography to live music and more.

4K UHD video shooting:

Well, I have placed this main feature at the bottom because the video shooting is what we all are gonna love. Synchronizing with all of the above features, we get a very nice and pleasant result in a daylight as well as in the dark. The outdoor shots in a bright sunny weather are not comparable with any other camera because of its high ISO sensitivity range. The best thing about the Nikon D500 review is that it records 4K UHD movies at up to 30 FPS and in FHD mode, it provides 60 FPS of video shooting. The video shooting is just PERFECT and PROFESSIONAL with its Electronic VR which does work in 3 different directions: rotational, vertical and horizontal.

The surprise that is hidden in the D500 is its autofocusing of objects while you place it on a flat surface. Just go into the Live View, while placing the D500 on the flat surface, and manually focus on something that needs to be in focus. Then by pressing the focus control button and Live Recording button at the same time, the D500 will AUTOMATICALLY adjust the lens with the particular object. Isn’t it amazing?

The other thing that strikes the photographers is its movable LCD monitor. It helps them to preview their video shooting that is shot from the flexible angles. The night music party and the heavy bikes photography are the best examples of such flexible angles. In both the situation, you have only a limited range of angles to get the perfect video spot and the Nikon D500 is gonna help you a lot.

Overall, the Nikon D500 review was pretty amazing in the sense of outdoor and indoor performances. Buying Nikon D500 in almost $1100 is better worth it. You can find it here.

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