Nikon D7100 Review

Nikon D7100 Overview


Whether you are just beginning within the world of film-making or you are a seasoned professional, the Nikon D7100 is a fantastic buy. It’s solid body and excellent image quality make it a favorite for camera enthusiasts. It boasts a simple interface while still offering the quick access to all settings and options you’ve come to know and love. Some of its new features include the removal of the optical low pass filter resulting in higher resolution than Nikon’s previous model and a significantly upgraded AF system. It includes outstanding low light performance and has a LCD that changes from very bright to power-save mode, depending on the photographer’s needs. However, despite its exceptional photographing capabilities, the filming abilities leave something to be desired. The camera does offer filming in 30p, 25p, and 24p with stereo microphones built in, and an optional 1.3X crop mode with 15mp stills capture at 7 frames per second, actually getting good video footage can still be a hassle.

One of the main issues is the camera’s ability to focus on its subject while in video mode. Obtaining continuous focus while shooting video is a challenge to say the least. And if you’re thinking about checking the manual, good luck. There’s not much helpful information there. Sure, there are tricks to help alleviate this problem, but they come with their own problems as well. Manually focusing is possible, but it’s near to impossible to see on the screen when the video is in sharp focus. Or you could try pressing the shutter release halfway to continually refocus, but the end result is a video that goes in and out of focus for a second every time the release was pressed. Additionally, despite the ease of menu navigation and presets available for the photography mode, the Nikon D7100 makes switching between video and stills an arduous task. And once you manage to make the switch to video, you have to reset your settings each time. There is no separate saved settings for still to video. It’s important to note, though, with the proper shutter speed and frame rate this camera can shoot amazing videos. It’s just that fine tuning these settings are sometimes more trouble than their worth, especially if you’re new to videography.

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  • Gives a great image given good lighting
  • Perfect for stationary filming
  • Amazing features, freedom to select from hundreds of options to get perfect image


  • Can be complicated to learn full functionality of camera, definite learn curve
  • Not very mobile [Not great for vlogging]
  • Not the best autofocus/ focus features



Overall the Nikon D7100 is a great camera with a wide variety of functionality making it a very solid choice for many filmmakers. Specifically I would recommend this camera for anyone who intends of filming video in which the camera won’t considering be moving. For example it would make for a perfect camera for those filming in home vlogs, make up videos, gaming videos etc…

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