Nikon D810A Review

Nikon D810A Review

 The D810A is a specialized version of Nikon’s D810 designed specifically for astrophotographers. The biggest difference is an infrared (IR) filter that that picks up hydrogen-alpha emissions, the red light emitted by nebulae. This results in beautiful, light-filled photos of the night sky, far superior to what you’ll get with a non-specialist camera.

The D810A really excels in long exposure shots. Manual tools allow you to select a custom shutter speed and bulb options, and there’s a revamped live preview tool that gives you a good idea of what the end result will look like. You can shoot long exposures of up to 15 minutes, enabling you to take beautiful long exposure shots of the night sky.

The biggest drawback to this camera is that it’s not ideal for photographing things besides the stars. Daytime photos will come out with a red tint. You can fix these using an IR cut filter or editing in post, but those are extra steps you’ll have to take.

The bottom line: We believe this is the best camera out there for astrophotography. The IR filter and long exposure tools enable beautiful shots you’ll struggle to get with other cameras. If you’re looking for an everyday camera, however, we’d recommend the standard D810 instead.

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