Sony a5100 Review

Sony a5100 Overview

Sony a5100 Review ImageThe Sony a5100 is a 24-megapixel camera with an APS-C sensor. The camera has the ability to take high-quality images, even in low light. Its low-light images and videos come out with a high resolution. Its ultra-fast autofocus comes with 179 AF points and 6 fps continuous shooting speed, which allows the user to capture images in the blink of an eye. These images are of superior quality and can be shared to your smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi.

Equipped with a tilting LCD, you can capture great selfies with the Sony a5100. It has a continuous shooting speed of 6 fps, through which the camera can capture fairly precise videos. It comes with various exposure control types as well. The camera has the ability to capture great memories.

The Sony a5100 autofocus technology consists of live view, selective single point, multi-area, contrast and phase detection, and face detection. Some of the other features include built-in pop-up flash, easy one-hand use, power zoom lever, ability to download camera apps and flip-up touch screen.


Sony a5100 YouTube Performance Review

The Sony a5100 review concludes that the camera has the ability to take great still images, and it performs fairly okay when videos are being shot. In this Sony a5100 review, you will understand that the camera has a high autofocus ability, which help capture videos with acute clarity.

The camera also comes with the ability to record full HD 1080/24/60p videos with a high bitrate of 50MB/s. Compared to the other cameras, this is a fairly reasonable result. It performs well in low light as well. It also comes with a built-in microphone that can capture the slightest of sounds.

8.5 Total Score
Overall Sony a5100 Review

  • It comes with 25 different autofocus points
  • Comes with a few different flash modes
  • Ability to download apps is available
  • Has a Hybrid AF system
  • The strong sensor allows it to capture clear images
  • The Sony a5100 has a compact body that allows the user to carry it easily
  • Does not consist of a viewfinder
  • Only allows 6 fps continuous shooting speed
  • Has an average battery life
  • The Sony a5100 video-making capability is only standard
  • It is not water resistant
  • Does not include GPS
  • Not image stabilization is available
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The ultra-fast autofocus of the camera allows the user to capture images very accurately. The camera gives a 180-degree tilt screen that allows you to take great images. The camera delivers a good result in low light as well and the images can be shared by connecting it to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Summing up the Sony a5100 review, the camera has the ability to capture great images and good videos, though it lacks many features offered by more high-end cameras. The camera has been given an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5.

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