Sony a7R II Review

Sony a7R II Overview

If you are looking for a camera that is sensitive and quick to respond and takes very high-quality images, the Sony a7R II is for you. This camera comes with a lot of features that are suitable for professional photographers. To top it all off, it’s the first of its kind. Don’t be fooled by its sleek black body; it comes with a full-sized sensor (CMOS sensor) that allows you to take amazing pictures.

The a7R II is a 42.4-megapixel camera series whose results almost match that of a bigger DSLR’s. It comes with image stabilization that allows you to take clear pictures even on the go. It also contains a maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds. Due to its compact size, it is easier to carry around. It has interchangeable lenses as well.

The a7R II comes with a 42.4 MP resolution, gives a 5 fps speed response, and an ISO 102,400 sensitivity. The camera consists of a wide range and has low noise, making it one of the top performers of its kind. You can focus on the object by pressing the capture button half-way and checking the LCD, which shows the stabilization effect of the camera.

Sony a7R II YouTube Performance Review

Sony a7R IIThe a7R II camera comes with a Fast Hybrid AF. This includes a 5-axis image stabilization and 399 phase-detection AF points. These features assist the camera in capturing amazing videos. Thanks to the 5-axis in-body image stabilization, the camera’s video stability performance is almost on par with other professional cameras and allows the camera to take clear and solid videos.

The sound quality captured by the a7R II is also of very high standards. It comes with a headphone jack and a slot where you can plug in an external mic; it also has a built-in stereo mic. These settings allow you to set up various types of mics that fit the situation.

Judging the overall performance of the video-making ability of the a7R II, it can be said that it is above average. There are better cameras out there that can take far better videos. With the a7R II, you can shoot a 4K video with its 35mm format and it gives a wide view. Concluding the Sony a7R II review, the camera has the ability to capture good footages with the help of a tripod. For its small size, the video-making ability is convenient enough to take good videos on the go.

9.3 Total Score
A Great Camera!

  • The stabilization quality of the a7R II is great
  • It takes excellent pictures
  • Great camera for the price it comes at
  • First of its kind in the market
  • It has a wide range so takes better images
  • The sensor in the camera is 35mm
  • Comes with high-quality sensitivity and speed
  • It is light and easy to carry around. A good camera to use while travelling
  • Has a relatively shorter battery life
  • The video recording feature is not as great as one would expect
  • Only consists of 1x optical zoom
  • Has a 0-megapixel optical sensor resolution
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The Sony a7R II review gives huge credit to the quality of images that it produces. Even though the video feature of the camera may be just adequate, the quality of its images and its light weight and durability make up for it. It promises that new models of this series will be better.

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