Samson Go Mic Review

Samson Go Mic Review

USB microphones may not be the latest invention, but the Samson Go Mic is easily one of the most convenient microphones we’ve seen. It’s a metal-body microphone that can switch between omni and cardioid patterns and is the ideal one for you if you’re into podcasting or video blogging.

Features at a Glance

  • Dimensions of 70.5 x 43.5 x 23 mm.
  • Metal-bodied microphone.
  • Features a pair of back-to-back 10mm cardioid back-electret capsules.
  • Combined mic storage and mount clip with a swivel joint to set the microphone at the required angle.
  • Standard European mic thread ensures mic stand mounting.
  • Miniature USB cable connection and 3.5mm stereo output for monitoring.

Samson Go Mic Review: Our Opinion

In this Samson Go Mic Review, we’ll talk about what makes this microphone an ideal choice for podcasting and vlogging. The mic is small and convenient when it comes to mounting and storage and has a metal body. It offers multiple patterns and with the swivel joint, you can set the mic at your desired angle.

With its three-position slide, you can switch the mic between cardioid, cardioid with 10dB pad, and an omni pattern. Although you’ll need a pad switch to control the output level, the standard level is ideal for acoustic guitars and vocal recording. With the pad, you can also use it with drum overheads and smaller guitar amps. Samson Go Mic requires no drivers since it’s a USB-class compliant mic. It offers a flat response of 20Hz-20kHz in omni and 80Hz-18kHz in cardioid mode.

The mic offers a clear recording with no significant background noise. It offers clean and well-balanced results with spoken-word tests, which make it an ideal microphone for recording on the go. It’s a sleek and superior design which offers portability and excellent craftsmanship. To conclude, this Samson Go Mic review recommends the product as it’s a great one for vocal recording and the Samson Go is a metal body mic with maximum portability.

7.5 Total Score

  • Three-position slide gives cardioid and omni patterns, and the center position gives cardioid with a 10dB pad.
  • USB-class compliant microphone, so it requires no drivers.
  • Combined clip for storage and mount; can also be mounted on a mic stand.
  • No level control on its headphone outlet, but this is fixable with a recording software.
  • No way to control its output level from the mic itself; requires a pad switch.
  • No zero-latency monitoring option, but the monitoring is available in stereo mode.
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