Best Vloggers On YouTube

Best Vloggers

Creating a fan following for yourself on the internet is not easy. Putting yourself forward, especially in the form of videos, brings you directly to the ever-judging eyes of the audience. One mistake and your vlogging days will be over. Hence, it is with extreme caution and expertise that these people create their vlogs. These are the people who are dubbed as the best vloggers of our time.

1. Casey Neistat

A 35-year-old vlogger residing in the US, Casey Neistat has an enormous fan following. This YouTube personality is not only a vlogger but also a filmmaker and a co-founder of Beme. His first YouTube video was uploaded in 2010, which was regarding when to and when not to pull the emergency brakes on a train. It was in 2015 that Casey started posting daily vlogs on YouTube. There is no particular category that his films are based on; they cover a wide variety of topics and he himself is featured in most of them. In 2016, Casey won GQ’s New Media Star Man of the Year award.

2. RomanAtwoodVlogs

Currently at 9,738,385 subscribers online and 2,588,846,149 video views at the time of writing this, Roman has gained intense popularity with the help of his vlogs. The main subjects that his videos focus on are various types of pranks or other funny events. Known for his positive outlook on life, Roman aims to spread laughter and happiness amongst his audience. It is for his creative ideas that he has managed to capture the hearts of a huge audience.

3. BFvsGF

Operating since 2009, BFvsGF has gained 9,193,081 subscribers and 2,728,568,255 views. This channel, as the name suggests, not only features videos where the pair is competing with each other but also features various videos where they are seen enjoying themselves and exploring various things. This YouTube channel belongs to a couple, Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, who have been dating for the past 8 years. With more than a million views on almost each video, the couple is regular in posting vlog updates. They ensure that at least one video gets uploaded on their YouTube channel per week.

4. FouseyTube

The FouseyTube channel belongs to an American YouTube personality named Yousef Erakat. His main areas of expertise are comedy vlogs, which includes pranks. During his early career as a vlogger, Yousef used to have multiple YouTube channels, one of which was dedicated to fitness. It was after some time that he founded the FouseyTube channel and directed his interest towards comedy. An inspiring personality on YouTube, Yousef has more than a million views on each of his vlog.

5. ShayTards

An American vlogger, author and YouTube personality, Shay Carl is better known by his YouTube channel ShayTards. ShayTards has been dubbed as one of the most successful YouTube personalities. Currently, ShayTards is in the process of developing a “vlogumentary” which has been dedicated a budget of $200,000. The main subject matter of his vlogs is reality series, where he covers a series of different topics. However, it has been announced that in 2017, his YouTube channel will be discontinued.

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