How to Create a Good Title for Your YouTube Video

How to Create a Good Title for Your YouTube Video

In their free time, people usually start using/browsing the internet. The number of people surfing the internet at all times is quite high. Spending time on YouTube watching videos in their free time is also a good way to fill up one’s day. However, people only stop to look at something if it catches their interest.

So what catches the interest of these passersby? It is the title of the video/article that they are about to devour. It is easy to understand the importance of the topic and how to make it interesting once you understand what ticks the mind of the user.

To know how to create a good title for your YouTube vide, make sure that:

  1. The title is relevant to the content of your video. If it isn’t, the person watching is bound to be put off and would not return to your channel.
  2. Creativity pours though the title. If your title is eye-catching enough, the viewer is bound to stop to take a look.
  3. Keywords are used that relate to your video. Make sure that you add a few keywords that describe your video so that the viewer knows something about the content.
  4. Ensure that the title is about the video content. The title must contain the gist of the video; if it does not, it will defeat the purpose of the title.

Having a good title for your video will make it certain that you get a good amount of organic views on your video. If you’re interested in some of our other articles you can read more here.

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