How to Live Stream on YouTube

How to Live Stream on YouTube

If you are holding an event or there is any major occasion you would like to share with the world, one way of doing so is by live streaming on YouTube. The option to live stream events has gained a lot of popularity over the past.

In order to reach your audience, you will need to understand how to live stream on YouTube. Firstly, you need to ensure that your YouTube account/profile is verified. You also need to make sure that there have been no restrictions imposed on your channel in the last 90 days.

The next step is that you will need to enable live streaming by logging on to your YouTube dashboard and selecting the Creator Studio tools option.

Stream Now

To use this option, you will need to download and set up your encoder. Once that has been done, fill in some information of the stream on the Basic Info tab. You can also fill in other information about the stream that you may feel necessary. You will also need to choose whether you want your video to be uploaded in high resolution or a relatively lower one. When your event has gone live, you can start recording the video. To interact with your audience, all you need to do is share the stream link on your social media platforms.


This option lets you handle live streaming more efficiently. Once you have selected your options, you can use Google Hangouts on Air to live stream the event.

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