How to Vlog Like Casey Neistat – Casey Neistat Camera Gear and Setup

How to Vlog Like Casey Neistat

One of the best vloggers in the world, Casey Neistat has inspired many people to start their own vlogs. With his charm and charisma, he has managed to capture the hearts of millions of people worldwide. His work includes a wide variety of content. It has been noted, however, that Casey Neistat does not use the top quality vlogging gear as he believes that it is not the gear that matters but the content of the video itself. If you are his fan, there must have been times that you may have wondered how to vlog like Casey Neistat and Casey Neistat’s camera gear and setup.

While taking a look inside Casey Neistat’s gear bag, one may find:


  1. Canon 70D camera(s): One may argue that as Casey’s primary work revolves around shooting videos, he may have a more expensive and professional camera. However, the medium size of the 70D camera makes it more feasible to shoot videos and carry around. This model of camera offers almost the same high-resolution quality, performance, screen, precision, and long battery life that other cameras offer. Since the camera contains dual-pixel AF technology, it makes it easier for Casey to be a solo shooter for his vlogs.
  2. Canon 5D Mark III: Even though this camera is much bulkier than the 80D, Casey still keeps it handy. This camera is usually used when he needs to shoot a higher-end video. It is easier to shoot time-lapse videos with this camera. Even though it does not allow steady shooting required for a solo vlogger, it still comes in use from time to time.
  3. Sony RX100 Mark IV: The purpose of this camera is to point and shoot. Its requirement arises when Casey is traveling to places where he cannot carry his other bulkier cameras.


  1. Canon 10-22mm: With a solid zoom range, this lens allows one to shoot a wide shot. Not ideal for low light, but it is still used by Casey for many of his vlogs.
  2. Tamron 24-70: Used for high quality and larger projects, this lens allows shooting to be done in a low-lit environment.
  3. Canon 24-105mm: Even though this lens is not often used by Casey, it is still sometimes used when shooting a high-quality project.


Rode VideoMic Pro: The audio recorded by this mic exceeds expectations. Used for most of his vlogs, Casey vouches for the supreme quality of this mic.


GorillaPod Focus Tripod: A sturdy and durable tripod, Casey is mostly seen with it while arranging his camera setup. The tripod also doubles as a table tripod and a selfie stick.


Movi M5: It is not too often used by Casey as it is difficult to travel with because of its bulkiness. There are only a few occasions where he has used this gimbal and is only used for pre-planned work.

Drone/Aerial Camera

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter: Even though Casey flies the quadcopter in beginner mode, it still manages to capture some high-end professional results. This quadcopter is mostly used for Casey’s planned gigs. He has even received 3 of these copters from DJI.

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