Top 4 Most Liked YouTube Videos of All-Time

The Most Liked YouTube videos Ever

In unique world of the internet, there is a place called YouTube that is visited by every single human despite being old or young. For some unknown reasons, some of the videos grab the most attention of the viewers. Therefore, here are the most liked YouTube videos:

See You Again

Wiz Khalifa uploaded this music video. The video is featuring Charlie Puth.  The video features a highway road and Puth is singing the chorus while it has been paired by the rap verses of Khalifa. The video has received 11.80 million likes, which makes almost 97.17 percent like ratio.

Gangnam Style

This is a music video that has been uploaded by the Korean singer PSY and it is regarded as the 18th Korean pop song. It is a video displaying the culture of Gangnam district of Seoul. The video has 11.39 million likes, which makes 87.67 percent like ratio.


The music video has been Adele. She is a famous songwriter and singer. The lyrics of the music feel like they connect to every person. The video has a 95.15 percent like to dislike ratio of likes by receiving 10.71 million likes.

Uptown Funk

A song was recorded and produced the British producer Mark Ronson. The video features Bruno Mars. The album is a lead single. The lyrics of the song are amazing and feel like they are from 1980’s. The video was awarded by 7 million likes by the viewers and made up to 94.79 percent like ratio.

So make sure that you watch these video once. They will surely grab your attention and you will be forced to like them.

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