Tube Assist Review

Tube Assist Review

With the advent of technology, social media sites and video streaming sites have become increasingly popular – so popular, in fact, that they generate the most traffic out of all the sites available on the internet. Video streaming, especially, has become an irreplaceable platform for many people. Whether you wish to be entertained, educated, informed or make some cash, YouTube is the place where all of this becomes possible.

Seeing that YouTube is the biggest video streaming website there is, it is not surprising to see why many people choose to make their careers on it. They have their own channels and followers, and it doesn’t really hurt to have all that extra cash from having a certain number of views and subscribers. However, the hardest part of increasing your page’s popularity is to get a large number of subscribers as well as views. What do you do to get them, then? The answer to your issue is Tube Assist.

A lot of us have heard of Tube Assist, but we do not understand what exactly it is and how it works. You do not need to worry – in this Tube Assist review, we’re going to discuss what Tube Assist is and how it functions in order to get you more likes and subscribers.

What Is Tube Assist?

Tube Assist is a tool that works to increase the subscribers to your channel using an automated system of adding different channels to your list. It works amazingly well, and you can have up to fifty thousand subscribers at the end of a few months without even lifting a finger. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Tube Assist and the claims that it is actually a sham. Customers, however, have reported again and again that it does not violate any of YouTube’s terms and conditions and is a completely legal application.

You don’t need to download this software on your computer since it is a cloud application, which is beneficial for your storage space. Customers who have used Tube Assist have been all about praising the application for its efficiency and effectiveness in increasing channel traffic.

Tube Assist is, in essence, an automated marketing software that works wonders for your channels. It covers almost all aspects of your marketing and saves you a lot of time that can be spent instead on working on your video projects. It is similar to a manager that take cares of all the trivialities so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – making videos.

How Does Tube Assist Work?

Here we’ll work out how Tube Assist works for the users and how they benefit from each of these functions of the software. Tube Assist works on the niches that you have set for your channel and lures in subscribers within this fixed niche. This application works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to automatically promote your channel in a number of ways. We’ll list the ways in which it does that so that you can better understand what you are getting yourself into.

Video Sharing

Tube Assist shares your videos with more than a hundred people each day, giving your videos and, consequently, your efforts more exposure than is possible without it. This increases the probability that people will view your videos and if they like them, they will subscribe to your channel.


Tube Assist comes with a built-in automatic commenting system that works its magic as soon as someone comments on your videos. These auto comments save your time as well as help you avoid putting effort into thinking of a suitable reply. The comments post themselves and keep your subscribers and viewers satisfied with your response.


Tube Assist, with its many automated functions, also adds contacts to your list. It can range from 200 to 500 contacts a day. It does so by sending them emails and if they add you back, then you will receive an email notifying you about it. The message sent to the contacts via email with your name (so that it is a hundred percent authentic) is not sent to the same person twice. This way, you will not have to worry about angry people messaging you.


The best part about all of this for YouTube channel owners, who already have a scarcity of storage space because of the number of videos on their hard disk, is that Tube Assist does not need to be downloaded on the computer. If it were to be downloaded, it would have been a pretty heavy application that would have taken too much space on the computer. As it is currently, can be simply used online. Basically, it’s a cloud application.


To boost your channel, Tube Assist subscribes to more than a thousand channels in order to gain views and subscriptions. What happens is that the subscribers of that channel get to know about yours, and they visit your channel to view your videos. This, in turn, increases your chances of getting subscriptions.

Once some time has elapsed i.e. around a month, you can start weeding out the people who have not subscribed to you by unsubscribing to them. This is because it is unlikely that they will subscribe to your channel if they haven’t within a month, making subscriptions to their channel nothing more than clutter.

All in all, you can derive from this Tube Assist Review that it is a very useful cloud application that can increase your subscribers with ease. The best part about it is that it is fully automated, so you don’t need to put in any effort. Just lay back and relax while it does all the work for you.

Despite a number of rumors about it being a fraudulent application, we can say for sure that it is not and is something you definitely need to increase traffic on your channel. After all, it could be ages before you get that many subscribers without the help of this application, so why wait when you can have them today?

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