Tube Buddy Review

The Tube Buddy Review to Convince You to Try It

Any YouTube channel manager knows the importance of engaging with the audience and keeping track of the performance of the videos. But at the same time, because of the difficulty in uploading, setting and managing a video, many people feel that they should let go of many important factors such as choosing the right thumbnail for the video.

This is why Tube Buddy is here. This plugin understands the difficulty of managing videos and is here to provide users many features that will help make sure that uploading and managing videos are faster and more efficient.

Tube Buddy Features

Filled with amazing features that provide infinite value to the customers, you are bound to find more than a few that will suit your needs. Starting from the top, Tube Buddy comes with a Community Connect option that allows you to connect to all the viewers who have left a comment on your videos, be it on YouTube or G+.

You also get the chance to use the best annotation template that you feel will be best for your content. You also have a feature called “competitor analysis” that allows you to take a look at what your competition is up to and strategize accordingly.  The Tag Explorer allows you to check out the most happening tags on your video so that you can use them in future uploads. Copy Video Tags allows you to either copy your tags that you utilized for a previous video or pick them up from a different one uploaded by someone else.

Featured Video Promotion is one of the best features you will find as it allows you to feature the video you want and make sure that it is promoted more than any other video. You can also track your video shares on other social media pages with the help of Share Tracker; you can also evaluate which platform the video has been more successful on and make sure you develop videos accordingly. With the Thumbnail Generator, you can easily create the perfect video thumbnail, which will ensure that more people are attracted to the video and click to watch the entire content.

The sad part about YouTube is that you only get one set of upload defaults, but with Tube Buddy, you have access to unlimited upload defaults. You will find a Quick Links Menu as well, which will allow easy navigation to a menu that allows for various settings. Search Rankings allows you to check the ranking of your video amongst the competitors. You can also apply a whole set of cards to every video upload with Card Templates. With Advanced Video Embedding, you will be able to embed your video at a rapid pace, and you will also have access to various other advanced embedding options.

If you are focused on getting various analytics for your channel or videos, then this is the better choice as Tube Buddy allows access to StatFire and SocialBlade. This will give you different tables and charts which will help you get the best and most accurate stats for your channel. The feature that allows you to do this is called Channelytics. The best way to make sure that you get new subscribers and that they stay active is by making sure they are engaged with you and your channel. With Canned Responses, you will be able to send automated replies to all your new subscribers.

Bulk Thumbnail Overlays allows you to make your brand all your videos effortlessly. It will only take a few steps to make sure that you place your mark on your entire video library; this will ensure that no one duplicates your work or tries to steal it. You can keep track of your page stats by Watch Page Stats, and make sure how well or poorly your video is performing on your channel.

Many other features come along with Tube Buddy as well. All these features are added to ensure that you get the best service and that your channels perform well and get as many subscribers as it deserves. The best part is that these features work amazingly well, so you will not need to worry about the performance of Tube Buddy.

Benefits of Tube Buddy

  1. This plugin allows you to stay in touch with all your subscribers. You get to know about the new people who have subscribed to your channel, and you can easily send them a message which allows one-on-one interaction with fans. You may have many subscribers, so to make this easy, the plugin allows you to save your responses so that you can repeat the process with all other subscribers as well.
  2. When you use only YouTube to edit the thumbnails, you witness a very limited option to choose from, which makes it difficult to manage and it does not attract many people. But with this plugin, you can choose from one of your choices and edit it there and then, just the way you want.
  3. Adding a link to your video used to be tough, but that was before Tube Buddy. With this plugin, you can quickly add various links to your video.
  4. Sharing was never so easy; you only have one share button, and you can share the video on any platform you want.
  5. It has tons of new features which allow channel admins to manage the page better and make sure that they keep themselves updated with the stats of the page. This way they get a chance to develop their strategies better.


Concluding this Tube Buddy Review, you can get a free version of this plugin as well, so you can try Tube Buddy for yourself. Even with this free version, you will get lots of features that will allow you to assess the plugin and if you are satisfied with it, you can just purchase the full version.

Many channels have adopted this plugin and have witnessed a better performance than before. It has also helped make it easier for the channel admins to manage the channel better and ensure that it is promoted in the right way.

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