What is a vlog?

What is a vlog?

Wondering what is a vlog? A vlog is a form of blogging which comprises of content in the form of videos. It is essentially the shortened word for video blogging.

Though still consumed by comparatively a small audience, vlogs are rapidly gaining popularity and are becoming a widely used form of blogging. This type of blogging allows the user to record their opinions/research in a video format. Once recorded, the vlogs are uploaded on commonly used video platforms such as YouTube.

As the recording equipment is becoming cheaper and it has become fairly easier to record videos using cell phones, the ease of producing a vlog is increasing. The process is simple; once the vlogger has a camera to shoot videos with the use of a tripod or any other device that makes the camera stand still, the vlogger can start their recording. Once recorded, the video may need editing. There are extensive editing websites now available online. After the editing has been completed, the vlogger can upload their content to their preferred website. Google and Yahoo both offer video segments and are preferred options by a vlogger. There are a few other websites as well that offer free video uploads. In case your file is too large for uploading, compress it first and then try uploading.

Creating your own blogging website will assist you in compiling your blogs all in one place. The vlogs can be shared on other social media websites as well such as Facebook or Twitter. Sharing helps create awareness of the newly uploaded content.

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