What is a YouTube Card

What is a YouTube Card

To make it easier for the users to interact with their viewers YouTube as recently launched the interactive cards. It is going to change the annotations that you see pop up on some of the videos. These cards allow the users to provide some extra features to their viewers online and offline.

Some of these features we missed out by the people that used to access YouTube on their Smartphones. However, with the introduction of the YouTube cards all the extra features have also been made accessible to the mobile application users as well.

It has provided the channel creators a chance to enhance their viewership up to 50% and thus is providing them consistency for all the screens and devices. They also have the quality to add links and other details that might be utilized by the viewers.

Types of YouTube Card

There are different types of YouTube Cards available and each one of them has their own settings. Therefore, here are the types that you might find useful:


It is the card for the business owners that are looking forward to advertising their products and services on YouTube. It will help them to promote their Merchandise.


It allows linking the viewers directly to sites that are raising funds for some special cause.

Playlist or Video

It allows linking one video to another public video. In case you link a video in the same playlist, the card will default.

Fan funding

Enabling the fan funding for your account will allow the viewers to contribute from your page directly.

So make the right use of the YouTube cards. Provide your viewer with the features that will keep them loyal to your channel.

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