What Music Can I Use in My YouTube Videos?

What Music Can I Use in My YouTube Videos?

For most video makers, an important aspect of a video is the music added to fill the gaps between scenes or to give some background music. But the problem arises when these video makers start searching for the right music. These problems usually rise due to copyright issues. If music has been copyrighted, it cannot be used without purchase/permission of the copyrighter. In case one does, they will find themselves facing a lot of legal issues.

So what music can I use in my YouTube videos? One of the safest and best options to use for music is YouTube’s own Audio Library. The listed music is specifically added for people who would like to add some tunes to their videos.

Another option is to find a source online or stock audio. There are many websites that offer free music or a cheap track that can be downloaded and used.

In case you have your mind set on a particular copyrighted song, you can use only 15 seconds of the song as that small part of a song is not considered to be breaking any laws.

Another good way of adding music is creating your own tunes. If you know how and you have a specific tune in mind, you can create it and use it for your video.

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