Ardinbir Photography Studio 500W 5400K Fluorescent Ring Lamp Light Review

Ardinbir Photography Studio 500W 5400K Fluorescent Ring Lamp Light Review

What It Does Well?

  • The lamp light cam be fitted on all the standard light stands
  • The socket can be tilted and rotated
  • The lamp is law warming
  • It has a highly resistant housing
  • It has a flexible gooseneck

What Does It Not Do Well?

  • The lamp light does not come with a stand
  • There are no clamps attached to the stand thus there is no easy way of setting it up

Ardinbir Ring Lamp Light YouTube Performance Review

This Ardinbir lamp light is the perfect choice for anyone who requires a special lighting effect. Some excellent uses for this light are: studio photography, chromakeying or any type of video studio out there.

This lamp creates a ring light, which provides a perfect illumination of the subject, helping to create a special uniform light between the camera and the subject of the shooting session. It is also incredibly useful because it provides even light and creates a shadow-free environment. The most popular method for using a ring light is as a catch light, also known as eye light, in which the subject’s eyes are placed under an incredible highlight, drawing special attention to them. This Ardinbir ring light is perfect for this technique, creating a spectacular highlight on the eyes of your subject, of course, as long as you find the correct distance between the light and your subject. Another excellent feature of this ring light is that your subject can look straight into the light and not be blinded by it in the slightest.

This is a 65W lamp that is focused on energy saving and which requires a power supply of 110V. The color temperature has a total of 5400K. The lamp has the following dimensions: 487 mm outer diameter and 373 mm inner diameter. The length of the gooseneck is 23 cm and the overall weight of the lamp light is 1300 grams. This lamp light was created to be used with a stand and because it uses a universal bracket, the lamp light is compatible with all standard light stands.

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