Bestlight 48 LED Macro Ring Light Review

Bestlight 48 LED Macro Ring Light Review

What It Does Well

  • The BestLight 48 is ideal for close-range shots, helping capture details vividly.
  • The light can be adjusted between medium and full brightness, making the lighting adjustable for different environments.
  • Lasting up to 1.5 hours per charge, the BestLight 48 works on four AA batteries that make it very easy to use.
  • While it’s preferably used as a constant light, the light ring can be used as a flash.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • It has a poor build quality, which makes it less durable.
  • The product is ideal for close-range photographs only, so using it for any other purpose wouldn’t ensure good quality.
  • Ensuring quality results, the BestLight 48 is good for amateur use but lacks the quality for professional use.

Overall Review

The BestLight 48 is a product compatible with a number of lenses, making it easy to use in multiple cases. Attaching it is very easy too; just screw the adapters into the micro filter and clamp the device onto your camera. It also comes with six different kinds of adapter rings to help adjust the light ring on your camera.

Ideally, the BestLight 48 is best for use in close-range photographs and it helps capture images of close-ups on tiny objects as well as pictures with subjects. Its effective range of 3 cm to 100 cm makes it versatile for use in different situations and some of its uses can be product close-up shots and photoshoots with one subject or even more than one subject.

It is compatible with AA batteries and runs for a stunning 1.5 hours on battery, which makes it good for extended photoshoots and effectively affordable for use.

The quality of the product is a little less durable, but it’s reasonable considering the price of the item. It’s to be noted that the BestLight 48 is ideal when you want to advertise tiny products or capture close-up details of objects. It’s recommended for professional use as well, but the quality of the product should also be kept in mind when choosing this light ring for extended professional use.

All in all, the BestLight 48 is a genuinely reasonable product that ensures quality pictures and results, and it’s priced only at $25.99!

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