Diva Ring Light Super Nova Review

Diva Ring Light SUPER NOVA Review

What It Does Well

  • Since the fluorescent light focuses on a definite area, it captures subjects and objects very vividly, giving an impressively professional, modern and clean look.
  • The 5400K light comes with a dimming feature to adjust the lighting for different environments.
  • With hard plastic housing and a reflective aluminum interior, the product promises quality and durability.
  • Since the fluorescent light generates very little heat, using it over long periods won’t risk overheating the subject.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • Quality and detail come at a price, and all the features of the Super Nova increase its price a fair bit.
  • Heavy fluorescent lights require high consumption of electricity, and the 5400K light with a 120V-240V input voltage would definitely require a lot of power.
  • Since the light focuses on a definite area, it is only effective for single subject scenarios.

Overall Review

Although a little pricey, the Super Nova is a weapon for perfectionists – a product ideally used for close-ups and regular photographs of single subjects, food items, and products. The diffusion cloth around the light gives a cleaner and clearer look, highlighting the features and removing the imperfections. Equipping this weapon with a 5400K bulb as well as a high-frequency ballast allows for a steady and flicker-free lighting. Adding to that is the dimmable feature, which utilizes the battery life well and makes the light workable in different settings.

Using the light to give a more modern and professional look in shots is very helpful, although since it focuses on singular subjects, the light is not as effective in group photos. It is recommended to keep its use limited to close range shoots and even videos so that its range is optimized.

Simple and easy to set up, the Super Nova comes with a light stand gooseneck and a tripod bracket. It can be quickly set up and be ready to use in a few simple steps. It’s merely a matter of mounting the light onto the stand/tripod. Along with flawless output, the light provides assurance of quality and extended durability due to its build quality and the materials used within it. For example, there is hard plastic housing and aluminum interior, making for a product that will last several years under extended professional use.

With all that said, we’ll say that if you look to buy a top-notch fluorescent light for professional use, the Super Nova should be your choice.

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