Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Professional Lighting Kit Review

Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Professional Lighting Kit Review

What It Does Well

  • It comes with a boom arm that is used as a hair light that helps illuminate subjects better since the other two stands are used as fill lights from opposite sides.
  • The kit helps give a professional look to your work.
  • Very reasonable price for the quality of the product.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • Although this problem can almost be overlooked, setting up the kit is a little difficult due to the boom arm.

Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Professional Lighting Kit YouTube Performance Review

The Fancierstudio lighting kit ensures brilliant and professional quality videos and photoshoots and makes it very useful for different settings and situations. It is ideal for shooting videos of interviews, talk shows, product reviews and many more scenarios with similar settings. Adding to that, it is also useful for photoshoots of multiple subjects and offers a lot of versatility to change lighting for very creative options and professional-looking photographs.

The package of the lighting kit comes with twelve 45W fluorescent bulbs that generate less heat and give a cool, soft effect at an impressive 5500k daylight balance as well. The diffusers help give the results cooler looks. Included too are two normal 6″ stands and one boom arm of the same height included with a sandbag too. The three softboxes can hold four bulbs each.

Using the kit for illuminating a setting from all sides is very useful since the boom arm fills and captures the hair and shoulders of subjects with distinct and vivid detail. This also leaves almost no room for shadows and is pretty much perfect for the price (we’ll let you know the price near the end; hold onto the edge of your seats).

Available with a carry kit that fits everything inside and makes carrying the kit fairly convenient, the Fancierstudio lighting kit is really one of a kind, priced at a stunning $120.

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