Fotodiox Pro CFL3057 Compact Studio Continuous Fluorescent Softbox Lighting Kit Review

Fotodiox Pro CFL3057 Compact Studio Continuous Fluorescent Softbox Lighting Kit Review

What It Does Well

  • The Fotodiox Pro CFL3057 promises durability and with quality materials within its interiors, the build quality of this lighting kit is striking.
  • The lighting kit is compatible with various standard screw base bulbs. This makes it very versatile for most users.
  • The CFL305 has fluorescent bulbs that don’t generate heat, which prevents overheating subjects.
  • Fluorescent bulbs give a very flicker-free output, which results in a continuous light for stunning results.
  • The kit gives ease of portability.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • The CFL3057 comes in a package of two stands that hold 2 bulbs each. Adding to the quality of the product, this detail adds on to the price, making it expensive and unnecessary for regular use.

Fotodiox Pro CFL3057 Softbox Lighting Kit YouTube Performance Review

The Fotodiox CFL3057 is ideal for videography in various settings and for various occasions as well as for portraits of up to two people. It can be used in multiple environments, assuring optimum performance and professional results. The flicker-free fluorescent light works surprisingly well and prevents overheating of subjects and the lighting kit is, rest assured, very impressive.

Coming with two stands with rear-mounted handles and a tilt bracket for ease of positioning, the kit can hold up to 2 lightbulbs per light holder and there is also the option of independent switching for the 2 bulb banks, making the kit very adjustable for different environments. Another feature that adds onto the versatility of the kit is the fact that it is compatible with many standard screw base bulbs and a user can use a variety of bulbs depending on their needs.

The kit also ensures high quality and professional-grade build quality with reliable and durable materials, including a tough reflective fabric in the effectively heat-resistant softboxes, a diffuser made of ripstop nylon that makes it hard to rip or tear, durable material for the stands and adjuster and a very comfortable and easy-to-use carry case which fits the equipment very effectively. With professional-grade materials also comes efficiency, and the product ensures a quick setup for photographers as it comes with built-in and easy-to-attach fixtures.

All these features make the CFL3057 very impressive, brilliantly versatile, and ideal for use by both photographers and videographers. This places the product’s value at a high – but reasonable – price of around $140.

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