Impact Octacool-9 Fluorescent 1 Light Kit with Octabox Review

Impact Octacool-9 Fluorescent 1 Light Kit with Octabox Review

What It Does Well

  • It contains fluorescent lamps that ensure less heat generation.
  • There are 5 on/off switches that control the 9 bulbs well, which means you can adjust it according to the requirement.
  • Comes with a great build quality and increased durability for extended use.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • The fluorescent lights are not full spectrum, which means that users will face situations when certain colors aren’t properly saturated.
  • Another issue faced by this kit is the color rendition since it’s informed to be not up to the standards.
  • Not easily portable since it’s large.

Overall Review

The Impact Octacool-9 light kit comes with nine 27-32W Edison base lamps that can be controlled by 5 switches, which ensures ease of adjustability and doesn’t consume much power. The removable aluminum reflector is effective for use and of good quality, ensuring durability. Adding to that is an Octabox diffuser as well as an internal diffusion baffle that softens the light to give a more professional result. Added in the entire package is a 5/8″ stand for mounting the Octabox on.

Being easy to set up, the kit comes with a durable stand and a very promising build quality, so it’s ideal for professional use. Although it’s not easily portable and might be a little inconvenient, the Impact Octacool 9 is ideal for covering large events such as weddings, festivals and similar group gatherings. It’s suitable for capturing both video and striking photographs, even for single subjects. This makes the product perfect as a versatile lighting kit that’s suitable to use for almost any occasion. The materials are professional grade and will last for a fairly long time, no matter how extended your use of the kit is.

There are, however, a few problems with the kit. The bulbs that come with it aren’t as optimum for use as we’d have hoped. For a kit that ranges from $250-$300, this problem could have been solved if it didn’t come pre-packaged with these 9 bulbs, giving users the options to choose their own. This would have dropped the price down as well.

On the ending note, we’ll say that it’s a very stunning kit which is one of the best for use for professionals who cover various events.

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