LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit Review

LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit Review

What It Does Well

  • With two daylight balanced 85W CLK 6500K lightbulbs, the pure white light produced lights up most settings very well, covering large areas if need be. This makes the lighting kit ideal for usage in scenarios with multiple subjects as well as with individual subjects.
  • The two tripod stands that come with the kit can stand as high as 86″, which makes for a good range to adjust the lighting according to any setting to give the desired output.
  • For a large kit with two lights, stands, and light holders, the LimoStudio 700W kit is very easy to carry around. It comes with a comfortable case for carrying the kit.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • The 700W lighting kit package comes with two lights and as you can guess, the second light would be rarely used for small settings such as a small room, apartment, or studio. This makes it unnecessary for users who wish to use it for these settings.
  • The base of the light holder is made of reasonable but cheap plastic, which makes frequent adjustments of the softbox near where it attaches to the tripod a potentially risky task since the part can wear off with time.
LimoStudio SoftBox Light

Overall Review

Setting up the lighting kit is four fairly simple steps: start with folding out and locking the tripods, setting them in the desired position before adjusting the softbox with a screw. The next step, of course, is screwing the lightbulbs in, followed by attaching the white cover on top of the softbox and voila! The lighting kit is set up and ready for use.

Ending our review, we’ll say that the LimoStudio 700W lighting kit is a product ideal for wide settings with multiple subjects. The 85W bulbs are perfectly efficient in lighting up settings with pure white light that makes the scene look natural, vivid, and immersive. The kit comes with stands that are easily adjustable and can cover a fair number of diverse environments effectively.

The price is reasonable for a kit with so many uses, and the only drawback faced due to the cheaper price is the potentially wearable plastic in the light holders since it could make frequent angle adjustments a little risky.

Discussing its uses again, there are many uses for which the lighting kit would be recommended, some of them being shooting videos of scenes with a constant setting, individual and even group photoshoots and capturing a variety of similar scenarios vividly.

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