Neewer Ring Light Review

8.5 Total Score
A Great Ring Light!

The Neewer Ring Light is the perfect balance between quality and price. For anyone looking for a great ring light to take quality photos or video with they will not be disappointed with this product.

  • The ring light has 14 inches
  • Produces a strong fluorescent light
  • The light has a very long cord
  • It provides freedom of movement due to its sturdy flexible arm
  • It has heavy duty thumb screws
  • This ring light doesn’t come with any type of instructions manual or printout
  • It does not come with a filter, and a filter is required to obtain a softer image
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Neewer Ring Light

A Great Ring Light

Complete Neewer Ring Light Performance Review

This is an excellent tool for all photography or video enthusiast, being useful in all types of different situations. This ring light made by trust lighting brand Neewer, will enhance and improve the face of the model you are using, thus creating a beautiful and stylish outcome. Ultimately improving the quality of the pictures and videos in which this light is featured. This light will especially improve the eyes of the model, placing them under a superb spotlight.

The package comes with the circular light 14 Inch light as well as with a unit that will mount the light on your camera. However if you’re 2-neewer-ring-light-imageinterested in using this ring light in a stationary position, then you are required to purchase the Neewer Light Stand, and if you are truly interested in capturing the perfect image, then you will likely want to pair these to products.

The Neewer ring light has 75W and it requires a standard UL CSA plug in order to be functional (which every modern home likely has). This ring light provides fluorescent light and its color temperature is 5500K. The inner diameter of this ring light is 35 cm (or 14 inches) and the outer diameter is 48 cm (or 18 in). It is definietly not the most mobile lighting solution on the market, weighing 3.5 pounds but paired with the rather cheap light light stand makes for a perfect option for an in home/stationary lighting solution for a single subject.

Regardless if you intend on lighting a single subject, filming a vlog, filming an interview or even want to take an amazing selfie the Neewer ring light will prove to be a useful acquisition. As one of the cheapest options available with regards to ring lights it has quickly become a favorite of consumers.

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