Polaroid Macro LED Ring Flash Review

Polaroid Macro LED Ring Flash Review

What It Does Well?

  • It provides shadow free lighting
  • The flash can be set to use all LEDs (32 for Cannon and 33 for Nikon) or only half at a time
  • There is a constant on light mode
  • It has 7 brightness levels
  • It comes with 7 different mounting rings

What Does It Not Do Well?

  • Dark shooting is made impossible because it blocks the camera’s auto-focus light
  • It is not fixed on its mount, spinning quite easily

Polaroid Macro LED Ring Flash YouTube Performance Review

This ring flash made by Polaroid comes with 32 LEDs for Canon, and 33 LEDs for Nikon, and it can be set to function either with all the LEDs at once, or by turning on only the left half LEDs or the right half LEDs. The color temperature created by the 32 LEDs is 5500K. The 7 mounting rings that are included in the package are sized from 52 mm to 77 mm and the flash is mounted on the lens perfectly. The flash is attached to the camera’s hot shoe for synchronization purposes.

The flash has a very useful function, which allows the user to set it either as flash firing mode or as always on. If you decide to let the flash as always on, then you will allow the camera to choose the best exposure for pictures, and also you can provide constant light for the moments when you are filming. The ring light was designed for close up photos, for those shots where the photographer requires to eliminate all the shadows and place all the focus on the subject. Aside from recreational use – yes, it does help to improve your selfies and make them awesome – it is also extremely useful for professional purposes, being a great choice in fields like forensic photography.

The flash requires 4 AA batteries in order to function, of course, batteries are not included, this being a convenient and easy to provide power source. The one major flaw that can be placed on this LED ring flash made by Polaroid is that it does not come with any type of auto exposure mode.

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