Stellar Photo/Video 18″ CFL Compact Fluorescent Ring Light Review

Stellar Photo/Video 18″ CFL Compact Fluorescent Ring Light Review

What It Does Well

  • It ensures simply brilliant results, giving a professional look by producing soft and clear light.
  • Being a fluorescent light, it generates less heat and won’t overheat the subject if used for extended periods of time.
  • The source is dimmable and the light can be adjusted for different environments.
  • It weighs only 14 lbs and is 18″ in diameter, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • The source gives a flicker-free output.

What It Does Not Do Well

  • There are almost no cons, except for the range of use of the product. It is ideal for single-subject photoshoots or product photoshoots and won’t be recommended for uses other than that.

Overall Review

The Stellar CEL-R18C is simply brilliant. It’s one of the top choices for professional fashion shoots and remote broadcastings due to its ease of portability and amazing results. The light ring is easy to attach or remove and even easier to carry around and the clip-on diffuser adds to it by giving a very soft, white and natural look.

Coming with a dimming feature to add help the product be effective in different settings, the round, donut-shaped fluorescent light can be adjusted for use in different environments and gives a constant, flicker-free output for optimum performance. It also comes with an AC power cord, a comfortable carrying case for portability, a stellar modeling mirror for stunning fashion photographs, a metal stand, a hot shoe mount and a smartphone grip. What the latter two afford is the option to add extra attachments onto the product such as microphones or cameras for mounting on the hot shoe right at the center of the ring as well as attaching smartphones onto the grip.

Stellar Systems guarantee that the exclusive Accu-Tint technology 5500k fluorescent tube is striking and makes for great results with a warm glow that captures even the slightest of details in enhanced colors and maintains contrast. The only downside to it is simply the fact that it’s better to use in capturing single subjects.

Summing it all up, we would say that the Stellar fluorescent ring is an ideal product for professionals, and it comes at a reasonable price of $270-$290.

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