Adobe After Effects CC Review

Adobe After Effects CC Review

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Focusing on the minute details is critical while one is editing a video. To create masterpieces, there are many factors to take into account and just the right software is required to accommodate the necessities that arise in the process. For this purpose, let us introduce Adobe After Effects CC. This is a product that is easily the best video editing software for videos that require a professional touch.


  • Integration with Premiere Pro CC
  • Live text feature
  • Cineware 3D
  • Advanced and enhanced tools


  • Cineware only works in Classic 3D mode
  • High spec requirements
  • Character animator is a little limited
Adobe After Effects CC Review


Developed by the very popular company of Adobe, this software is responsible for performing tasks that are essential to video editing. This is a tool for professionals as it includes character animation, 3D capabilities, live text and all the fundamental elements of a good video. Adobe After Effects CC is integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro CC to give incredible results. All these features make it ideal for passionate video makers who upload their works to YouTube.


As mentioned before in our Adobe After Effects CC review, this software is integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is a professional video editing program that has a large number of editing options. Adobe After Effects CC itself enables exceptional control over animations since you can add in a 2D layered character you created in Photoshop or Illustrator and control it easily in real time using movements that you act out in front of a webcam.

The Live Text feature is great too as the software includes several templates to add live text and captions to your videos, and these transitions can be created and implemented easily into Adobe Premiere Pro. In addition to the enhanced features in the latest version is a very fast and accurate Face Tracker as well as GPU-accelerated effects like Gaussian Blur, Lumetri Color, HSL Secondary color correction, and the Cinema 4D tool included.

The features that the Adobe After Effects provides are vast and require effort and dedication to learn properly, but once you get used to them, you realize how the software is easily the best video editing software for YouTube 2016.

High performance and features require high specs, so 8GB RAM is recommended for efficient usage of this software as well as 10GB space on the hard disk for the installation. This software is also compatible with Mac systems.

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Conclusion of the Adobe After Effects CC Review

In the final words of our Adobe After Effects CC review, we shall state that the software is a great tool for professional editing and can work to create masterpieces. It’s highly recommended for YouTube users who want to add a professional look to their videos as well as learn the performance of professional video editors.

9.4 Total Score
Best Video Editing Software

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