Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Review

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Review

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When looking into the broad range of video editing software available, it’s difficult for any user to choose what program is suitable for them. Whether you are a casual YouTuber or a professional video editor, you deserve the best video editing software for videos that you create, and a great software is Adobe Premiere Elements 14.


  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • 4K support
  • Included audio editing
  • Provides a vast range of 300 built-in features


  • Offers only eight editing tracks
  • Relatively slow at rendering at 60fps
  • No MultiCam editing


Developed by the prestigious Adobe company, the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is the consumer counterpart of the professional Adobe Premiere Pro software, and it borrows many essential elements from it. This software is perfect for beginners who are learning professional grade video editing, and it also supports quality results so that you can showcase your work confidently.


Working with Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is very enjoyable since getting used to the software isn’t too hard, excluding a few advanced features that require time and a good deal of effort. The smooth and stable performance of the software ensures efficient use and although the 60fps rendering is relatively slow, the product still gets the job done well.

Adding to the performance of the product that we are to discuss in our Adobe Premiere Elements 14 review, there is an incredible number of features that it offers. A high number of 300 built-in features guarantees to create an overall great program that has the functionality to create unique videos. Moreover, the features are built on by the excellent quality support, and the software also supports 4K video to give crystal-clear results.

Audio editing is essential for final results and the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 allows powerful and remarkable audio editing to make the software an excellent editing program.

A few of the drawbacks that a user faces while using this product are that the product doesn’t feature MultiCam editing since it’s mainly a consumer video editing software and it only offers a limited number of eight video editing tracks. Both these features can be overlooked once the user learns to use the software effectively. The numerous audio and video editing tools will allow for easy adjustments to compensate.

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It requires a minimum of a 2GHz processor with SSE2, 2GB of RAM and a hard drive of 10GB.

Conclusion to the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Review

In the final words of the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 review, we shall state that although the software is a great tool that is highly recommended for usage, the professional counterpart, namely Adobe Premiere Pro CC, offers even more professional features and an impressive editing experience. That said, Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is a software that comes in a very reasonable package and is one of the best video editing software out there.

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