Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review

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Are you a YouTuber? Are you searching for a professional video editing software with incredible features and a wide range of effects and functions for editing at a reasonable price? Then look no further! Adobe Premiere Pro is truly the best video editing software for YouTube videos out there.


  • Keeps updating frequently
  • Low spec requirements and runs on old hardware
  • Allows scrubbing and trimming quickly through the J-K-L key tool
  • The Creative Cloud library increases functionality and ease of sharing among video editors


  • The Morph Cut transition shows inconsistency
  • One drawback of the unique interface design means that it takes some time to get used to
  • You can’t buy the product, merely rent it by getting a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud
Adobe Premiere Pro CC


This product is called the best video editing software for videos that require intricate editing as well as a professional touch to them. Developed by Adobe and an essential part of the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is very useful and gathers a large, dedicated customer following and provides any user an extensive toolset to get them started out for professional video editing.


Once you’ve rented the incredible software and have subscribed to your account on Creative Cloud, your journey to being a dedicated user of the very helpful tool begins. Although getting used to the various functions, presets, effects, and overall features and interface of the software might be a little tricky, once you’ve become adjusted to using it, video editing becomes very efficient with the exceptional performance that this unique software provides.

Focusing more on the performance of the software in our Premiere Pro CC review, we’ll first state that although the subscription to Creative Cloud is seen as a drawback to most people, it has several benefits including a safe backup of your projects as well as the option of smooth and advanced sharing of your work. The sharing within the community helps improve the user experience. Another complaint of customers is that the recently added Morph Cut transition lacks consistency, but a few adjustments to the videos to be morphed using the useful collection of tools featured in the software can overcome this issue.

Discussing also the functionality and ease of use of the scrubbing and trimming tools, you can easily use the J-K-L keys on your keyboard to switch between the three basic video editing options. The user experience and promise of the software is delivered through constant updates on the features so that users are guaranteed minimum drawbacks and optimal performance.

The Premiere Pro CC can run on various computers as it has the minimum requirements of 4GB RAM and 10GB on your hard disk.

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Conclusion of the Premiere Pro CC Review

All in all, we’ll end our Premiere Pro CC review by recommending this software as a great tool that comes in handy for professional video editors and YouTubers with features and connectivity that can truly be relied upon. It’s the best option for many.

9.5 Total Score
Best Video Editing Software For YouTube!

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