Camtasia Studio 8 Review

Camtasia Studio 8 Review

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If you are an active gamer/YouTuber who is looking to share your gameplay tips, funny in-game moments, and overall game reviews but don’t know how to record gameplay for YouTube, Camtasia Studio 8 is the best software for you.


  • Screen capture for YouTube videos or for sharing on social media
  • Embedded hyperlink feature
  • Latest version introduces high-quality screen capture
  • Unique features


  • Rotation of objects is applied inconveniently
  • Live recording via a DV camera is not supported
  • Scheduling an automatic recording is inconvenient


It is a great program developed by TechSmith that ensures editing options as well as a unique screen capture feature that is rarely seen among its competitors. This product is ideal for YouTube gamers as well as users looking for basic video editing. The screen capture feature also makes the software useful for tutorials, lectures, software reviews, etc.


Not only is this software reserved for screen capture, but it also introduces numerous features that optimize its performance and results. The features included in the software are video effects, animations, transitions, blurring, highlighting and even changing the clip speed of the imported videos. It’s also effective to remove a color from the clips and add multiple video tracks for editing.

Adding to the numerous features, there are helpful presets that can be customized or added for ease of use to allow for a very helpful editing experience. The software also allows easy sharing and uploading of videos on social media as well as YouTube.

This is one of the best video editing software out there, and its name is earned by the ease of use and features that it provides. To make the most of it, you need expertise as once you know how to manipulate the files to schedule automatic recordings or efficiently use dialogs for rotation, recording quality videos and adding professional touches to them becomes very easy.

An additional unique feature in this video editing software is a noise removal option for audio as well as an important green screen to have control over the recording. Captioning and adding speech to text are more of the many features that the software offers.

To mention the specs in our Camtasia Studio 8 review, the software runs on a minimum of 2GB RAM and a dual-core processor, but it’s recommended to use it with 4GB RAM, a quad-core processor and a 64-bit OS. Lastly, you will require 2GB on your hard disk to install the software.

Conclusion of the Camtasia Studio 8 Review

Concluding our Camtasia Studio 8 review, we will say that this is a unique video editing software that is an essential tool for the use of a YouTube gamer as well as YouTube lecturers or software reviewers. This product is a recommended product.

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