Hitfilm Video Editing Software Review

Hitfilm Video Editing Software Review

Our Thoughts

If you’re a video editor looking for the perfect tool to aid you in your work that is free and offers a lot of impressive features, the Hitfilm video editing software is the perfect product for you!


  • Features great special effects
  • Offers 3D animation
  • Available on both Mac and PC
  • The Hitfilm community is very supportive


  • Some features cost extra
  • Doesn’t offer many importable/exportable video codecs
  • Actual editing panel offers average features


Any YouTuber needs a reliable video editing program that features functionality and usefulness that can be relied on. This is why we are honored to introduce to you the Hitfilm 4 Express – a tool essential for indie filmmakers. The Hitfilm video editing software review shall cover the performance and features of this incredible software.

Being the latest release of the great Hitfilm series developed by FXHOME, Hitfilm 4 Express is the free version of the Hitfilm Pro 4. It offers great features including video editing as well as visual effects to be truly one of the best video editing software for YouTube and that too, for free.


The software is an excellent all-in-one tool for YouTubers, aiding in both basic video editing and 3D special effects and animation in a broad range of more than 140 2D and 3D effects, including green screen removal and color grading. Additional special effects can be bought for a fair price to give appealing and realistic looks to your videos.

One can learn to use the software better using the tutorials by Hitfilm, and the community provides reliable customer support for optimal efficiency. The interactive community forum is a huge aid in getting oneself acquainted with the immense features of the software.

To use the software on your PC efficiently, Hitfilm 4 Express has been developed to run efficiently on average specs. All you require to run it is a minimum of an Intel Core i3 with a 4GB RAM as well as OpenGL 2.0 compatible hardware with at least 512MB video memory. Adding to the low requirements for the exceptional performance of the software, it can run on both Macs and Windows.

Conclusion of the Hitfilm Video Editing Software Review

Ending our Hitfilm video editing software review, we’ll state that it is truly the one of the better video editing software for YouTube free with multiple additional, paid special effects that you can add to your videos for a great user experience. So if you’re looking for the complete editing package, the Hitfilm 4 Pro is a great paid option. That said, the Hitfilm 4 Express is also a very efficient option for those who want a free video editing program to rely on, and it provides many of the features you will find on the paid version. The product is highly recommended.

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