Lightworks Video Editing Software Review

Lightworks Video Editing Software Review

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If you’re a YouTuber looking for a free video editor that is well suited for professional editing, Lightworks is the software for you! This incredible YouTube editing software can undoubtedly be called the best free video editing software out there, featuring lots of powerful functions and effects for a great editing experience.


  • Easily customizable to suit the user’s taste
  • Interface tested and designed by professional video editors
  • Works on Linux, OS X and Windows
  • Supports professional video editing


  • No tutorials
  • Lacks FireWire capture support for Linux
  • Limited audio effects


Developed by EditShare, Lightworks is released as a free commercial Non-Linear Editing System (NLE) that is moving to being open-source, making it majorly customizable for any user’s taste. Being supported by Linux also makes for great customizability and endless possibilities for the already broad features of the Lightworks video editing software.


What makes the Lightworks video editor the best free video editing software? Or is it one of the best even if paid options are taken into consideration? This software has been one of the best since a long time now. The only thing holding it back from gaining widespread commercial success is the inadequate tutorials and how it’s difficult to familiarize yourself with it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try. You can upgrade the free version to unlock the wide range of features of the paid version. Upgrading to the paid version is recommended for users who want the entire professional editing experience.

The Lightworks video editing software guarantees high performance. Although the paid version can support the widest range of formats for any professional NLE, the free version includes the feature to produce ready-made MPEG4/H.264 videos to export to YouTube. Another feature to mention about the free version is that it also enables multi-cam editing, precision editing, over a hundred presets and a second monitor output among several other features. All you need to take advantage of these numerous features is 200 MB space on your hard drive, an Intel i7 processor, a 1 GB PCI Express graphics card, and 3 GB RAM.

Conclusion of the Lightworks Video Editing Software Review

Customizable, full of incredible features, cross-platforming for the three major operating systems, and more than a hundred presets for real-time effects and editing, there can’t be anything else that a YouTuber or even a professional filmmaker would want.

Lightworks is a truly noteworthy program which, if invested in, would allow you to give a professional touch to your videos via projects that you can share with just a few clicks. The free/paid versions of the software run well on average specs, making it suitable to run on almost any PC. We’ll conclude by saying that this is truly one of the best software out there and it’s worth a try!

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