Power Director 15 Review

Power Director 15 Review

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If you’re a perfectionist and require video editing software for YouTube or professional use, Power Director 15 is the perfect package for video editors and is known to be the top choice of professional software which can also be used efficiently by beginners.


  • User-friendly and suitable for beginners
  • A variety of advanced features
  • Natural color enhancement
  • 360-degree, 4K and 3D video support


  • No Mac version of the software; users can alternate to iMovie
  • The advanced tools are not easy to learn
  • A few features are limited to the Ultra version of the software. For professionals, the Director Suite is recommended


Developed by CyberLink, the Power Director 15 is a program that has all the features required for a product to make it suitable for beginner/hobbyists as well as trained professionals. This Windows-exclusive software makes for a great option to learn the features of professional video editing at a very fair price.


The reason this product is called the best video editing software out there is its features that are so remarkable that they are barely comparable to its rival software. Let’s start this portion of the Power Director 15 review with what the software supports, including the various codecs for import and export. This product introduces H.265 support for a better quality of results, which is improved with the included 4K and 3D support that is compatible for Blu-Ray burning. One of the major additions the latest version has provided us is support for 360-degree videos as well. Just the formats and quality that it supports make the performance of this product stand out.

Working on a 64-bit architecture currently, the software has introduced several new and enhanced features in the latest version, including new stop motion, pan & zoom features as well as a mask designer, video blending modes, and a very handy color enhancement tool. The addition of 360-degree video support means a variety of other features such as color correction, titles, transitions and even PiP objects. All these features add up to a total of 500 effects and transitions that can be applied to a hundred editing tracks. Hence, the performance of the Power Director 15 is unrivaled.

Being such a high-performance program, one would expect the Power Director 15 to require heavy specs, but it surprisingly runs on more or less average specs. The recommended specs are 64-bit Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10, Intel Core i-series or AMD Phenom II or above, 6GB of RAM (although it can even run on 2GB), 128 MB VGA VRAM, and 7GB on the hard drive.

Conclusion of the Power Director 15 Review

To conclude our Power Director 15 Review, we’ll say that the software delivers upon its promise to both beginners and professionals. Beginners can opt for professional web-based tutorials to master the diversity that the Power Director 15 provides, making the software remarkable for YouTube users aspiring for greatness. You can see some other great video editing softwares in this article here.

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