ScreenFlow 5 Review

ScreenFlow 5 Review

Our Thoughts

If you’re a Mac user who needs a dedicated application for your PC and your mobile phone and you also constantly find yourself looking up how to record gameplay for YouTube, the ScreenFlow 5 proves to be the best screen capture for YouTube videos.


  • Easy to use
  • Screen capture
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Batch export


  • Advanced video editing features are missing
  • Pan and zoom features are inconvenient
  • Large file sizes for short videos


Being an Apple dedicated software developed by Telestream, ScreenFlow 5 is one of the best tools to provide you with easy screen capture as it ensures quality capture of videos on the PC and even allows movie making features on the phone. This is a program ideal for YouTubers.


In our ScreenFlow 5 review, we would like to state that this is a great application that is very easy to use and beginners can easily get used to it with a clean, simple, and user-friendly interface that Apple software usually offers. If you’re a YouTube gamer or interested in giving YouTube webinars, the ScreenFlow 5 can be used very effectively on your Mac to aid you along the way, including high-quality screen capture as well as video editing. One can also make and edit videos on the go using the iOS app which also allows screen capturing of the mobile phone and easy sharing of the results.

The latest ScreenFlow software allows the user to capture video and audio directly using their iOS device, which can then be shared with the PC software to be finalized with the numerous features and ease of editing that the software provides.

One area where the software can improve on is the advanced features that it offers since the limited editing options are not enough for quality editing. Another drawback is that the zooming in and out option is a little inconvenient and requires getting used to, but for both these issues, one can trust in ScreenFlow 5 to update its features in time as it has been doing since the previous versions of the software.

ScreenFlow 5 can run on Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later versions, requiring minimum specs for smooth running and great results. The mobile phone app requires iOS 8 or higher, and you can easily connect your iOS device to your Mac using a lightning USB connection to ensure direct recording of video – this feature requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

Conclusion of the ScreenFlow 5 Review

While stating that the advanced features of the software can be improved upon, we will conclude our ScreenFlow 5 review by saying that the remarkable user-friendly interface, smooth editing of the software, and the flawless screen capture feature make this product highly recommended for all users. It is perfect for casual video uploaders or dedicated gameplay, lecturing or software reviewing experts on YouTube.

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