Sony Vegas Pro 13 Review

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Review

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If you’re looking for a reliable video editing software to use for professional editing of your YouTube videos, the Sony Vegas 13 is an excellent program that can be easily bought – no need for subscriptions – to get you started with brilliant editing features and quality results. For most users, it is the best video editing software for YouTube.


  • iPad app allows users to edit videos on the go
  • Requires no subscription and can be directly bought
  • Introduces connectivity between teams to collaborate on projects
  • Proxy-first workflow


  • Interface is not as well organized
  • Features are difficult to get used to
  • Runs on high specs
Sony Vegas Pro 13


The incredible software, developed by MAGIX, introduces professional features that can be used to add an excellent feel to your YouTube videos, all with 4K support and newly introduced Proxy-first workflow as well as an iPad app that allows easy editing of videos on the go.


Starting off with the performance in our Sony Vegas Pro 13 review, we’ll state that the software comes in three versions: Sony Vegas Pro Edit, Sony Vegas Pro, and the Sony Vegas Pro Suite. Although the Sony Vegas Pro Suite offers the most features and efficiency among the three, the other two versions are no less and they still ensure amazing and numerous video editing features, including 4K support to optimize quality in outputs.

The iPad app of the Sony Vegas Pro, adding to the connectivity that the software offers, is truly impeccable in its functionality since videos are uploaded to offline project proxies and will provide easy access and streamlined collaboration between clients and directors alike. If any quick reshoots are needed, one can easily use the iPad to shoot a video and edit.

Adding to the collaborative functionality that the software offers, the newly introduced Proxy-first workflow allows crews to branch out to different locations, shoot HD videos, and upload it all to the editor’s PC online easily without having to travel back to the editor. This is an incredibly useful feature if you’re making YouTube videos that span over several locations.

Sony Vegas is, at the time, the only NLE that can be bought without the need for a subscription. Before considering to buy it, you should note that the software requires massive specs including a 16GB RAM, 500MB hard drive space, 1GB memory graphics card, and an eight-core 2GHz processor for editing in 4K user. Additionally, the software only ran on 64-bit OS.

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Conclusion of the Sony Vegas Pro 13 Review

The efficient, professional-level editing software is truly a remarkable NLE with connectivity, ease of workflow, advanced features, a dedicated iPad app and 4K support. We’ll end the Sony Vegas Pro 13 review by stating that all three versions of the software are highly recommended as it undoubtedly is the best video editing software for YouTube videos to give them the right professional touch.

9.3 Total Score
Great Video Editing Software

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