VideoStudio X9 Ultimate Review

VideoStudio X9 Ultimate Review

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Many people need good video editing software for YouTube with numerous features that can be suitable for consumer usage. It should also be user-friendly to ease them into the ways of professional video editing. If you’re one of these many YouTubers, the VideoStudio X9 Ultimate is the product for you.


  • User-friendly but also features advanced tools
  • 4K support
  • 265 import and export suitable
  • Newly-introduced 64-bit performance


  • Relatively slow at rendering
  • Offers only 20 video tracks
  • Advanced features require effort to learn


Developed by the well-known company Corel, the VideoStudio X9 features many professional tools for a consumer-level product to help users learn the functionality and features of a real professional video editing software. With numerous features of its own, this product is a splendid video editing software for YouTube, and it’s recommended for use.


We will start this portion of our VideoStudio X9 Ultimate review by mentioning first that the interface of the software is clean, smooth and well-organized to make it easy to use. Any beginner can easily learn how to do basic editing on the software in just a short time. That said, the software features a lot of advanced editing features as well and those require expertise that is learned with time and effort. Some of these features are essential tools one would commonly find in a professional program, so keep in mind that getting used to the VideoStudio X9 Ultimate will take time. Once learned, this software will give you a peek into what a professional video editing program can offer.

Adding to the functionality of the software, VideoStudio X9 Ultimate also introduces 4K support to make it very cost effective, and the added feature to import or export H.265 video files directly means optimum quality in its results. This latest version of the VideoStudio series also introduces 64-bit performance, which is a major plus.

The software runs well on a minimum Core i3 processor with 2GB RAM, but an Intel Core i7 or its AMD equivalent processor is needed with a recommended 8GB of RAM for 4K and multicamera editing. For optimum performance, a 64-bit OS is highly recommended, and the software takes 6GB of storage for installation.

Conclusion to the VideoStudio X9 Ultimate Review

Although the Pro version of the VideoStudio X9 includes impressive features, a clean and ergonomic user interface as well as MultiCam editing of up to four cameras, the Ultimate version builds on this by introducing eleven premium effect apps as well as six angle MultiCam editing and is undoubtedly more beneficial with just a small difference in price. Although a typical YouTuber wouldn’t need Blu-Ray support, the plug-in can be bought separately if the need arises.

Both these products are highly recommended if you want to step into the arena of professional video editing, especially if you upload your work on YouTube. On this note, we conclude our VideoStudio X9 Ultimate Review.

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