Windows Movie Maker Review

Windows Movie Maker Review

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Live movie editing and sharing is a feature that few video editors offer, but with the efficiency, user-friendliness, simplicity, and HD editing functionality that the Windows Movie Maker guarantees, it’s sure to be one of the best free video editing software out there. Our Windows Movie Maker review shall cover all the aspects of the software.


  • Very easy to use
  • Audio editing features
  • Sharing options
  • Can easily add titles


  • Doesn’t offer many effects
  • No advanced features
  • Not a vast range of compatible codecs


Being part of the Windows Essentials package, the Windows Movie Maker is an official Windows product that provides a user-friendly solution for basic video editing and the addition of titles or captions to one’s videos. The fact that it’s an official Windows product also makes it exclusive to Windows, so it’s not available on other platforms.

One of the many advantages that the software brings you is that it can run with low minimum requirements, so you can run it on a laptop or a PC with higher requirements if you’re looking to edit HD video as well. The exact specifications and usage will be discussed later on in our Windows Movie Maker review.


The Windows Movie Maker is an incredible software for almost any user. Suffice it to say that the Windows 10 free video editing software offers compatibility and easy sharing that are unparalleled.

Not many video editing programs offer editing options regarding audio, but the Windows Movie Maker provides audio effects as well as the option of voiceovers, which add to the editing experience it brings. Although the compatible video and audio codecs that it features are not many in number, the software is truly one that can be relied upon. Its reliability is showcased by the sharing options it brings as well as the incredible ease of use it provides while editing using handy tools like a timeline display, a live storyboard display, and a full-screen playback to allow you to keep a check on your work while you edit it. Adding to the efficient previewing of the effects and transitions you add to the audio/video, this product also provides the option to add titles and captions to your videos to give them a professional look.

Surprisingly, one of the best free video editing software for YouTube merely requires a 2.4 GHz single processor with 1 GB RAM for usual video editing. However, the requirements might be high for smooth HD video editing, so we recommend equipping your PC better for that. As mentioned before, the software is exclusive to Windows.

Conclusion to Our Windows Movie Maker Review

Although a paid application will offer many features and competitive user friendliness to get better results, the Windows Movie Maker is a very powerful program that offers various features including audio editing, ease of sharing, and HD editing. We highly recommend this official Windows product for any user looking for a reliable software.

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