YouTube Video Editor Review

YouTube Video Editor Review

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Are you a frequent YouTuber? Do you run a channel on the popular site but need an easy-to-learn application to edit your videos? If so, the YouTube Video Editor is surely the software for you!


  • Very easy to learn with a drag-and-drop interface
  • No need for background video editing knowledge
  • Tutorials help teach users how to use it effectively
  • Continually improving service


  • No option to edit audio
  • Very basic functions
  • The online service is a little glitchy


Many filmmakers and YouTubers need an easy-to-learn and efficient program that they can use for free. This guarantees them the possibility of giving an incredible look to their videos while minimizing the effort needed. The YouTube Video Editor truly is an amazing, built-in free YouTube video editing software. It offers compatibility with numerous audio/video formats, and you can even add images with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Stated in our YouTube Video Editor review, it does not need to be installed and can be a very easy-to-use application to use with the ease of a few clicks, developed and featured on the popular video site itself.


Once you have uploaded a video to your YouTube account, you can easily the video and audio easily by dragging and dropping. The YouTube Video Editor also includes compatibility with your Google+ account, so you can quickly add photos from there into your videos to create multiple projects. It should also be mentioned that multiple audio files can be added to the videos for better editing options and results.

Moreover, there comes the usefulness of the features that the YouTube Video Editor offers, which includes transitions like wipe, jack-o-lantern, star, heart and crossfade. Additionally, the user is provided with effects including black and white, contrast, brightness and image stabilization. As you can see, the features are very basic and don’t compare to a professional video editing program. Another of the drawbacks that this software introduces is that since the YouTube Video Editor is an online program, it refreshes to save the projects which can cause glitches.

However, that said, the YouTube Video Editor is building itself to be the best free video editing software for YouTube.

Conclusion of the YouTube Video Editor Review

If you are a YouTuber who looks to edit videos easily and more efficiently, the official YouTube Video Editor is a great program that you needn’t even install; just click and get to editing! The online software features a lot of effects and editing options that come in handy, but like almost all free software, it can be majorly improved with an investment into a professional program. That said, we will conclude our YouTube Video Editor review by saying that the software is great and constantly updating to be better. We recommend it for any YouTuber that needs a very efficient and user-friendly editing program. You can see some of our other articles here.

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